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Unique Events provides expert wedding planning and coordination services to the north Georgia area. Contact our wedding ... Read MoreRead More planner for more information on Georgia mountain destination weddings.

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  • 26 to 50
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    Bad experience

    ErinB, Valdosta, GA, December 6, 2011

    I don't usually leave bad reviews for anyone or anything, but this was my wedding day and I have to express my feelings on the matter. There was not a place to review Unique Events when we got married in 08. We were extremely disappointed and unhappy with the service Andrea provided to us. It was horrible. At first we communicated and everything seemed to be going well, this was a VERY simple wedding, we didn't have ANY guests except my photographer and her Husband & their small daughter. When we first started talking, I told her I wanted to have one of the "mountain/waterfall ceremonies" that she had on her website. She told me that for our date of April 6th, it was a very bad idea due to rain. Okay, so plan B. We decided to keep it simple and have the ceremony at the beautiful cabin we were renting (which is how I found Unique Events-through Cuddle Up Cabins) I was under the impression that she worked with these cabins previously (she told me this) and that by paying for her services I wouldn't have to worry about any of the arrangements. When you make a reservation to rent a cabin, the company does not give you directions until you get there. (To prevent people from just stopping in on the cabins when other might be staying there). I expressed a little concern to Andrea about this, we didn't know the area and I wanted to be reassured that she had everything under control. Well, for some reason I just never felt right about it, and after finally asking a million questions, I find out 2 weeks before our Wedding that she actually didn't know where our cabin was and would have to look into it. Well I called and asked the rental place to at least give me the zip code of where it was, turns out it was in Tennessee, and she had told us to get a Georgia Marriage License. So, we were kinda worried about that, and I was trying to talk to her about it and she said we could easily get one in Tennessee if that were encessary. Then she said that it was Cuddle Up Cabin's fault and they needed to give me a different cabin! This was the cabin my Husband and I had fallen in love with, we had spent months thinking about our wedding and honeymoon THERE, I had bought decorations to decorate inside based on all the pictures I seen. It was not the rentals fault by any means, it was hers for not being dilligent enough to verify which cabin it was and where it was located. She specifically told me that they would give her that information (I'm sure they would have, if she had bothered to call). I was not okay with switching cabins, we had paid for a 7 day long Honeymoon too. I was not willing to budge on that and I was really upset that she didn't take responsibility for being at fault. Isn't this why I hired a "wedding coordinator"? Ok... so we're keeping the cabin, then she realized that the officiant "Papa Joe" was not licensed in Tennessee. (He was wonderful by the way!). So he could not perform our ceremony at the Cabin, which she was given the name of and link to it when we first started planning everything months prior to all this. We were devistated, we didn't know what to do! Then she told us we could have it at the waterfall afterall. Which was over the state line in Georgia. (The cabin- Horse Trail Lodge was just a mile over the Tennessee line) So, back to the waterfall... our day approaches (It was a BEAUTIFUL day too) and we we paid in full for her services. We arrive at our cabin and I try to get in contact with her... well she didn't answer and I called her assistant because that was the only contact I had. I had never spoken with the assistant and I did not know her involvement at all. Her assistant was very nice, but did not reassure me that everything was okay. I didn't understand why Andrea was suddenly out of touch. Turns out she made other plans and was not even in the area that weekend! Apparently her assistant and I were supposed to magically be on the same page and meet somewhere before the ceremony so I could follow her into the park where it was to take place. I was a total wreck, so was my Husband for that matter. I'm not a high strung person, I never got nasty with Andrea, but I was so scared that our wedding wasn't even going to happen that I couldn't enjoy anything until it was over. She NEVER informed me she wouldn't be there on my wedding day, HOW do you do that to someone who has trusted you? If she had made it known that I'd only meet her assistant then I'd have liked to have talked to her to develop a repoir prior to the day. The morning of, my hair stylist showed up at the cabin, her name was Peggy and she was the only thing that saved my sanity that day. SHE knew Andrea was out of town, she's the one who told me and got in touch with the assistant. She was shocked that I wasn't made aware of any of it. I was so upset when she arrived, but she was so sweet and truly a pleasure to have do my hair for my Wedding. She also wasn't aware that Andrea was supposed to have her bring my flowers to the cabin so my photographer could get pictures. Andrea told me there wasn't a probelm with that at all, and I asked Peggy about my flowers but she said they were at Andrea's home in the fridge (w/our cake) with nobody there. She ended up having her boyfriend drive an hour back and forth to get my flowers (apparently there was a spare key) and bring them, it was so considerate of her, we tipped her nicely. So she came me enough courage to push forward and we met the assistant in a fast food parking lot and followed them to the park. The ceremony was lovely, it was small and about us, which is what we wanted. Afterwards we went to a different area where our cake was set up so we could get pictures of our cake and our first toast as Husband and Wife. I had never seen the cake prior to this. I had been so easy going about it, I told Andrea I wanted a white cake with navy blue decorations. I wasn't trying to be a bridezilla, I just wanted some blue on it because my dress had a blue sash, and my Husband was wearing blue, and my flowers had blue accents. It was a simple request. The cake was solid white with some green leaves on the white roses. No decorations at all. Nothing. I had even offered to buy some and mail them to her and she told me not to worry about it because it was included. The cake was simply amazing in taste, and it was pretty, so all was not lost... but it was just one thing after another dealing with Andrea. I honestly don't know how all these great reviews happened when she dropped the ball so many times with us. After the ceremony, she never once contacted me to ask me if I was happy, how it went, congrats, ect ect... never once! Never apologized for not being there... I mean, what did I pay her for? I could have found all the people who did her bidding by myself, but she was supposed to BE THERE, and she wasn't. I'm sorry this is such a negative review, but our wedding should have been so simple and stress free. There was nothing to it. I did not feel like Andrea cared at all about us, but she sure asked for her money on time... I did not contact her after the wedding, I was so upset that I couldn't even organize my thoughts, but after our Honeymoon we went home and started our life together and I didn't want to dwell on all the bad things that happened. Moral of the story, I do not think she is trustworthy enough to entrust with your special day. I think this is more about character then one wedding that went awry. I think she has surrounded herself with genuine people for the details- flowers, cake, hair, officiant, ect... but on prinicpal alone I would never hire her again. She didn't deserve a dime of what we payed her, the people who were actually there and made it happen should have been the only ones paid, and I sure hope she pays them fairly. There is nothing that can fix what happened to us, but I think others should know about our experience.

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