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The Retro Rider offers a creative approach for your party and entertainment needs with uniquely designed buses for all t... Read MoreRead More ypes of events including Weddings, Birthday's, Homecoming/Prom, Holiday Events, Themed Parties, Concert/Theatre Venues, Bachelor/ette parties, and many more! You think of the party you want to throw. We will help you! We have 12-25 passenger party buses to choose from. Our drivers are competent, safe and courteous. We are NLA members, insured and state inspected! Serving Cleveland, Akron and surrounding region. Thank you for your interest in The Retro Rider. Call us!

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limousines starting at $500 and up

Type of Limo
  • Luxury Sedan
  • Standard Limo
  • Stretch Limo
  • Super Stretch Limo
  • Stretch SUV Limo
  • Party Bus
  • Number of Passengers
  • 1 to 2
  • 3 to 6
  • 7 to 10
  • 10 to 20
  • More than 20
  • Type of Service
  • Wedding
  • Party
  • Airport
  • Point to Point
  • On the Town
  • Sporting Event
  • Winery Tour
  • Other
  • The Retro Rider

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    The ONE regret from our 6/28/14 wedding

    My wife and I had our wedding booked for June 28, 2014, and had selected The Retro Rider to be our all-day transportation. This included bringing both sides of the bridal party to the church and also picking us up after to take us to different picture locations for our photographers to do their work. At the beginning of June, I had already sent in my 100% complete payment for the booking. The week leading up to our date, we noticed that the weather was due to be in the high 80’s, low 90’s. I had inquired with Chris Kittinger, their manager, as to whether or not our bus had air conditioning. It apparently did not, and when I asked if they had any buses in their fleet with A/C, he told me that one did but it was getting a motor replacement and might not be ready in time. Knowing that my wife-to-be would be in panic mode with regards to her make-up and dress, I asked if there was anything else they would be able to do for us. Chris and his partner Roman informed me that they also work with a “sister company” called AquaLimo and that they could hand off the booking to them as they’d probably have a bus available for us. With only a couple days left before the 28th, I had email and verbal confirmation that this would be the case. On the morning of the wedding, the bus hadn’t shown up and it was 20 minutes late. After making a few phone calls I found out that AquaLimo dropped the ball, claiming to have broken down, and never made it down to pick us up. All of us groomsmen and the bridesmaids had to use alternate transportation to come to the church. Between this point and when the ceremony was to begin, I was in conversation with Chris and Roman about what the deal was and what was to be done. Turns out that AquaLimo wasn’t even going to be in town to pick us up for pictures. My wife managed to book a limo with another local company 15 minutes prior to walking down the aisle. Talk about an inconvenience and the worst possible day to let down a customer. The week following, I had spoken with Chris about getting a refund for not only the inconvenience but also the services not provided. He agreed, both via a phone conversation as well as text, that we would be able to get $1,000 refund and 2 hours of free rental time on a minimum 5 hour rental. After I accepted this offer, I was then told that the owners of the company would only pay half, and that Chris and Roman would be responsible for the other $500. After a month had passed I attempted to dispute the initial charge as I did not receive my full refund promised. They claimed that I was only going to receive a $500 refund and that I had cancelled my bus reservation, which per their contract says I am not due any refund at all. Based on how they handled the initial switch, they were also in breach of their own contract as they had promised me a bus from another company would show up. If I were only offered the bus with no A/C or I would lose my money, I would have stuck with the original bus. So, at this point, the second half of my refund is due from employees of the company. The owners should have authorized the full refund and made their own employees pay back the $500 that became their responsibility, rather than make me wait for the opportune time that they have $500 laying around to pay me back. Thus, it is my hope that atleast three of you reading this pick yourself a more quality company to do business with on your special occasion. I do not plan on cashing in on the 2 free hours of rental with Retro Rider for the shear fact that even the buses of theirs we have ridden in previously were in bad shape. Some of the lights weren’t working, screws that held the dance pole were falling from the ceiling, some of the windows wouldn’t stay closed, and the aftermarket CD player required you to hold the headphone cable in by hand as the port was broken. Their driver wasn’t very considerate either. He slammed on the brakes entering a rest area without any notice, thereby sending everyone’s drinks flying. He also was driving 70mph the entire time on the freeway, often riding the rumble strips, even though their website policy says they don’t drive over 50mph for safety reasons. Look elsewhere when your special day matters most.

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