Sweet Creations by L S Young

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953 Old Dixie Hwy
Vero Beach, FL 32960


About Sweet Creations by L S Young

Sweet Creations is committed to providing the residents of Indian River county and the Treasure Coast with an Affordable, Beautiful and Delicious alternative to grocery store cake for their special occasions. Sweet Creations is located at 953 Old Dixie Hwy, Vero Beach Fl 32960. Store Hours are 10:00am - 6:00pm Tuesday - Saturday. Phone: (772)584-7206.

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bakeries starting at $1.00Per Serving and up

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    Joanne R., Vero Beach, FL, June 24, 2015

    LUV the Naughty Nurse Cake Lori Made for My RN Daughter!

    I contacted 3 bakeries in Vero, & discussed the birthday cake I wanted with Lori at Sweet Creations. (It took 2 days for the bakery on the beach to call me back, & the other bakery didn't know if they could create it in TWO WEEKS!). Lori was great! She quoted me a good price for a sexy naughty nurse, wearing glasses, sitting on top of a small cake, boobs showing, short skirt, holding a needle. I picked up the cake two weeks later, & she surprised me by adding a man lying on his stomach with his butt in the air, pants pulled down to his ankles, & ready for his shot! Had lunch at Costa d' Este on the beach, where I unveiled my daughter's birthday cake. She loved it, our waiter loved it, & it was immediately posted on Facebook. I'll never order a cake from anyone else! To top off the celebration, the 4-layer white cake/white icing inside was DELICIOUS! Wish I could post a photo here, but there are some in Facebook.

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    Won't use her again

    Well we really did our research before finally deciding to go with another baker in the local area, instead of using this baker for a few different reasons. I'm a tiny bit OCD, and keep a notebook of all the places we've spoken to, their prices and things like that, and Sweet Creations By L.S Young was the most expensive out of the four places we spoke to. I do not want to name the other places, but they are all local, and would of given us more cake, with more flavors and details, still cheaper than the cake this baker would of provided. Second, I wasn't a fan of the taste, or what little taste there was, this baker's cake fell apart easily when the fork touched it, compared to the other places, where the cakes were fluffier yet didn't create a pile of crumbs when touched. She seemed to use the frosting to level it out, because on one side of our tasting cake the frosting was SUPER thick on one side compared to the other, and I could tell the cake was very uneven. After speaking to other people as well around the area, and from what we heard we did what we were told by many and avoided using this baker. Instead we found an amazing bakery, where we got a much larger cake, and a lot more details or pictures I should say on our cake than Sweet Creations would of given us. I am so happy with our cake, and wouldn't of changed a thing. Sorry this review is so long, but when you are looking for a cake for a party or something as special as your wedding, where everything should be perfect, you really want to do research. Talk to people, read reviews, and really look into places you are thinking about hiring. Our event hall even told us not to use Sweet Creations By L.S. Young, and were kind enough to recommend the place we ended up using.

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    Whitney, Vero Beach, FL, January 14, 2014


    I love Lori! Her cakes are amazing. They are look awesome, and they taste delicious! I do not like cake.. unless it from Sweet Creations. I won't go anywhere else. Lori has spoiled me!

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    Colleen, Vero Beach, Florida, January 13, 2014


    Best cupcakes ever! Love this place!

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    Wilma C., Florida, January 9, 2014

    An awesome & enchanting local bakery!

    Sweet Creations By L.S. Young is an awesome local bakery with the traditional bakery feel, a very warm, clean, welcoming and enchanting little bakery in our hometown of Vero Beach, FL. The owner, Lori Young, is very professional and friendly, she provides superb customer service! Sweet Creations By L.S. Young provides fabulous, fresh, handcrafted specialty cakes; cookies; pies; delicious Drunken Cupcake Specials every Friday (that are "out of this world good"). Also, they provide other local products, such as: raw honey from indianriverbeecompany, etc. Lori Young supports other local small businesses in town and attends many local events. Sweet Creations By L.S. Young offers fun filled Decorating Cake Clinics every month and Gingerbread Decorating Clinics during the Christmas Season. Not to mention, they offer customized parties for every occasion, Cake Decorating parties for: Birthday's; Girls Night Out; Bible Study Groups; Book Club Groups; Red Hat Groups; you name it. They also offer Little Girl Tea Parties and more... I visit Sweet Creations By L.S. Young regularly for fresh baked goods and the "Cake of the Month", a fantastic Cake of the Month Club. You get 12 round mini cakes for a whole year (12 months), a different flavor each month, when you join the Membership. I've purchased Cake of the Month Club Memberships as gifts, as a distinct and delicious gift that lasts not a season, but throughout the year! -Check their current promotions on their Facebook Page at https://facebook/SweetCreationsVeroBeach -Subscribe to their monthly email newsletter ( once a month) with their promotions, events and more. How? Go to their Facebook Page and click on the "Join My List" Tab (it is below the Facebook Timeline photo). Enter your email/name. And voila! -Their website is lovely, a visually mouth watering site to enjoy! Check it out and view Lori Young's amazing cake creations and more at sweetcreationsverobeach/ See for yourself! Visit and experience Sweet Creations By L.S. Young , a cool and quaint little bakery shop located at 953 Old Dixie Hwy Suite B-12 Vero Beach 32963, the phone # is 772.584-7206.

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    this place is a joke!

    This bakery is a complete and total joke and not worth any ones time! Her cakes look like crap, tastes like everyone else says, out of a box. Way over priced for cakes that look HORRIBLE. I decided on a bakery in town that was incredible though I won't name drop. But if you want a cake that tastes amazing, looks incredible, at a price that won't break the bank with a professional baker who understands what YOU want instead of just whatever sounds ok, DO NOT GO HERE go some where else. This place is just terrible, unprofessional, and I give this place not long at all before they have to shut down.

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    Don't Bother

    I thought about using this bakery for a birthday, but after looking on her web site, I quickly changed my mind. I agree with the other comment saying how, some of her cakes you can't even make out what they are, and if you can they look nothing like they should. I as well got a price quote from the baker for the type of cake I wanted, and found at least 3 other places in the area that were way cheaper for the same cake....After reading and talking to people around town, I have not tried her cakes but all word of mouth is they taste like a cake from home, with very little flavoring. If you are looking for a cake, or cupcakes for an event, I would highly recommend looking else where than this baker. Sorry to sound cruel..

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    Trish Anderson, Melbourne, FL, May 17, 2012

    Above and beyond

    I called this bakery with only a few days advance notice that I needed a cake for my son's birthday party. I didn't want just any cake...I had ideas of what I wanted this cake to look like. They had NO problem bringing my ideas to life and made a fantastic cake! It didn't just look fantastic, it tasted terrific too. And when I was afraid I would be running short on time to run all the way to Vero Beach from Viera (approx 1hour), they offered to bring the cake directly to my house! And they were completely on time delivering it too. I don't know that they could always provide that service. They went above and beyond to make sure my experience with their business was fantastic. Very professional and very accommodating. I couldn't have been happier! Highly recommend!

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    Are you Serious

    First of all look at her web site, some of the cakes posted on there you can't even tell what they are! Secondly they taste like they came from a box, like I could make them at home. Thirdly she is OVER Priced, we looked around before deciding to go with another company because she wanted three times the money for a simple cake, where as the company we went to gave us a bigger cake, with more details for sooooo much cheaper. In my opinion this lady is unprofessional and to be quite honest not very good at her job. Like I said if you look at her website, there are some cake that don't look like what she says they are, like a sea turtle cake, and some cake dog thing that I guess is a lion??? I don't recommend her in any way shape or form!

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