Red Wine Hall

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Modesto, CA 95354

About Red Wine Hall

Imagine your event totally designed to meet your every need. Red Wine Hall offers packages for weddings, showers, busine... Read MoreRead More ss meetings, parties and funerals. The Red Wine banquet facility provides a beautiful, newly remodeled facility, complete with sound system, stage lighting, flat screen tvs, 8x12 stage, seating up to 120 people, and patio seating. Red Wine Hall is an ideal setting for any type of special occasion.

Red Wine Banquet Hall is located in downtown Modesto at 1231 8th Street, one block from the DoubleTree Hotel and other downtown locations.

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Business Details

banquet facilities starting under $500 and up

Type of Venue Needed
  • Banquet Hall
  • Outdoors Location
  • Yacht or Boat
  • Office
  • Number of Guests
  • < 10
  • 11 to 25
  • 26 to 50
  • 51 to 100
  • 101 to 200
  • Include Catering
  • Space Only
  • Space and Catering
  • No Preference
  • Red Wine Hall

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    Be Prepared to Lose your deposit

    Marta Sanchez, Modesto, California, June 4, 2013

    Be prepared to lose your deposit. They expect you to wash the carpet, sweep and mop the tile and scrub the sinks, yet they will not supply you with the tools you need to accomplish that and they won't tell you that is what they want until after they deduct the money from your deposit. The agent that rents the hall to you seems like a nice guy when they lure you in, but becomes unreasonable when it comes time to return your deposit. The owner is just as shady. They tried pointing out past stains on the carpet and pass them off as stains from my event and later admitted they were stains from their monthly meetings. Do not make the same mistake I did. My deposit check was printed the day before my event and they had already taken out the money for "Carpet Cleaning". That goes to show they had this planned from the beginning. I let them keep the money. I almost didn't have the event because my newborn had emergency surgery the day before the event and I almost cancelled but thought they might not return my I'm glad I got at least part of it back. I have enough stress caring for my baby, I don't need to be arguing with money hungry thieves. Essentially, I got robbed.

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