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About Kim Jew Photography Studio

For exceptional professional photography services in Albuquerque, Kim Jew Photography is unparalleled. Kim Jew opened his first portrait studio in 1976 with a simple goal, create photographic art that makes people look good.

The result of pursuing this simple goal is a style of photography whose hallmarks are great expressions, exquisite lighting, beautiful composition and most importantly making people look good.

6901 Gruber Ave. NE, 505-255-6424

1716 Eubank Blvd. NE 505-293-6304

4604 Corrales Rd., 505-792-3822

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photographers starting at $500 and up

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    Charles T, Albuquerque, NM, February 19, 2017

    Deceptive Practices and uncaring staff

    Uncaring Staff and Deceptive Practices. I am writing this review to let everyone know about the deceptive practices employed by Kim Jew Photography and their uncaring staff. I have held off writing and submitting this to avoid a ‘heat of the moment’ response. However, after reflecting and evaluating what happened to me, I didn’t feel I could stand by and not say anything. My experience with Kim Jew started, of course, with family. My parents were due to celebrate their 50th Wedding Anniversary on September 24, 2016. I had coordinated with my siblings and we were able to get everyone here for the event, which was not an easy task as my brother and two sisters live in Helena, MT; Seattle, WA and Portland, OR respectively. It seemed like a lucky coincidence when I saw a Groupon for Kim Jew offering an in-studio session and $200 credit towards pictures. I bought the Groupon and scheduled an appointment. At first, everything went well. The session was run by one of their photographers, Matt Foster, who did a great job with the session and ended up taking some really amazing photos. I have nothing negative to say about Mr. Foster, he is a great photographer. Unfortunately, that was the highlight of the session. Next started the high pressure sales pitch. First, they offered 50% off of pictures purchased that day, but we had limited time with everyone in from out of town and a lot of family events planned, so I deferred. I finally was able to schedule a visit to pick photos in early November. The salesperson assigned, Jazz, quickly brought up the pictures and started running through them quickly, asking me to compare and pick. I had not had the opportunity to preview any proofs as of this point. Going through the photos was difficult, as I liked several, and knowing I would have to be careful in my selection due to budget. I was able to select several, but the sticker shock was impressive. Then the first switcheroo happened. Jazz said the discount was only 40%, not the 50% offered by the photographer. Then the second shoe dropped. When I mentioned my $200 off from the Groupon, she said that did not count against the discounted price and would apply against the most expensive item, a $650 framed family photo that was to be a Christmas gift for my parents. You can do the math, but 50% off would be $325 and even 40% would be $390. So in the end, I ended up spending $425 instead, because I “had a Groupon deal”. Some deal. I am embarrassed I allowed myself to be bullied by the staff like that and ended up paying MORE than if I didn’t have the Groupon. I left feeling abused, but thought that the Christmas gift would make it worth it. Fast forward to December. I received a call from the photographer that my prints were ready, but the framed picture was not. I was a little worried hearing that! And seriously, the prints were made from digital images they had had since September. Does it REALLY take 13 weeks to print a digital image?! The following week, the week of Christmas, I called to get the framed picture. Jazz got on the line and said it wasn’t ready. The framed picture I had ordered two months prior. For Christmas. I asked Jazz if that was really the case and when I could pick it up. She matter-of-factly told me that it wasn’t ready, the framer was behind schedule and, “Oh, they don’t ship anything from now until January 6th, so you can get it then.” I got a bit upset and explained that this was a Christmas gift for my 80 year old parents and yada yada, (you get the picture). She said she would call me back. No one called me back, so that evening around 5, I called and she said she forgot to call me back, but actually it was ready and I could pick it up tomorrow (December 23rd). I did go and get the framed picture, but it made me wonder. Was it always ready and Jazz just couldn’t be bothered to check because she didn’t give a crap because they already had my money, or did they do a rush job and finish it in 24 hours because I complained? I don’t know the answer to the last, but I can say I will never use Kim Jew photography again. After reading this, you are free to decide whether or not you will. I would obviously warn you not to. If you do choose to go, I would advise you to get the price list FIRST, and leave your heart and feelings for the subject of your photos at home, because they will use those feelings and emotions against you to suck every last dollar out of your pocket. I look at the pictures and they are beautiful, but I can’t see them without recalling the horrible experience I went through to get them, which takes a lot of the beauty away.

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