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Jill Nelson Photography is a custom portrait photographer based in Spring, Texas and serves the Spring, The Woodlands, Conroe, Montgomery, Tomball, and greater Houston areas. Jill Nelson Photography specializes in newborn, maternity, children's, and family portraits. Jill Nelson is a custom photographer whose studio is located in Spring, Texas. Jill Nelson provides high quality portraits with a vintage modern artistic flair. The studio offers a wide arrangement of vintage props and unique backdrops to create memories that will last a life time. The studio offers free WiFi.

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photographers starting at $500 and up

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    Jill Nelson's customer service is laughable at best. I purchased her maternity and newborn session package in early April 2014. When it came time for my maternity session in late May, she called and cancelled it two hours before the scheduled time because her son had a fever. She offered to reschedule the session for any day the following week, but my husband and I were not able to sync up our work schedules so last minute to be available at the same time, so we opted to cancel the maternity session altogether and get a refund to put toward our newborn session print minimum. About three weeks later, I noticed that the maternity session fee had not been refunded to my credit card. I emailed Jill a total of FIVE times to inquire about my refund and she never responded. It was only after I called multiple times and left multiple voicemails that she called me back. Apparently her "assistant" or whomever never processed the refund. But I suppose it wasn't important enough for her to make sure it was taken care of... Fast forward to July... my daughter was stillborn two days before her due date, and I almost bled to death during labor. I spent three days in ICU before returning home, and couldn't even walk unassisted for two weeks after returning home. My newborn session was to take place 4 days after I returned home from the hospital, and in the midst of recovering from a traumatic and life threatening childbirth, grieving the death of my first child, and planning her funeral, I did not remember to call Jill and cancel the newborn session within her 48 hour cancellation window. She called the day before the session to confirm and I informed her that my child had died and that we would not be able to do the session. She expressed her condolences and said she would send me a FULL refund in the mail. I gave her my home address and waited. Three weeks passed and no monies had arrived in the mail. I called Jill three times and left voicemails, and emailed her, AND sent her a message to her business' Facebook page. She did not respond. I called her a fourth time and she answered. I asked her about the status of my refund as I had not received it, and she told me that she sent a cashier's check in the mail for the refund on my maternity session, but I am not entitled to any refund on my newborn session because per her policy, a full refund can only be issued if a session is cancelled a month beforehand and a partial refund will only be issued if a session is cancelled 48 hours beforehand. All she said was "sorry about your situation but I can't give you a refund because I couldn't resell your session slot, I can send you a copy of the money order to show you it was issued..." Great! I suppose I can deposit a copy of a money order into my bank account... Nevermind the fact that she said she would issue a FULL refund over the phone three weeks prior. Nevermind the fact that my child was dead and I almost died myself. But it was totally acceptable for her to cancel our maternity session as we were walking out of the door to go to it, because her son had a fever or a cough or whatever the case was. Doesn't matter that we paid money for grooming, outfits, and props and were inconvenienced. We were only offered one week where we could reschedule with her. And what kind of business owner sends funds in the mail without a tracking number or without sending it via certified mail, if at least to protect their business? What kind of business owner ignores communications from customers when they owe said customers money? Jill Nelson has essentially been paid $275 of my hard earned money to not click one photo. I hope she enjoyed the time off... I should have ceased doing business with her when she cancelled my maternity session and I first got a whiff of her business practices in ignoring customer inquiries when she owes them a refund. It was a huge mistake to judge her on her talent alone and keep the newborn session. I could be applying the money I am losing to the cost of my baby's headstone, but instead I am paying for the three hours Jill Nelson sat on her behind... Jill, if you need that $275.00 that badly, that's fine. I hope you put it to good use. And personally, I don't think you get enough business to be able to be as unprofessional, and as heartless as you have portrayed yourself to be in my interactions with you. You should definitely consider working on your customer service skills. If you come across her website or are recommended to do business with her, PLEASE... DO BUSINESS WITH SOMEBODY ELSE. The quality of her work, while impeccable, does not match her attitude, level of professionalism, or ability to provide excellent customer service to her customers. She is trash and I will be sure to never recommend her to anyone, and let people know of my experience doing "business" with her-- or rather paying for services not rendered... If I could rate her with zero stars or negative 5 stars I would!

    This is the subjective opinion of an independent reviewer and not of Decidio, Inc.

    Beautiful Work!

    Jill was outstanding to work with. She did my maternity and baby pictures. She was very patient and took the time to get the very best images. I love my maternity pictures with the fabric. Her pictures of my baby are outstanding and will be treasured forever. The images were flawless. I am going to do some boudoir pictures next! I would highly recommend.

    This is the subjective opinion of an independent reviewer and not of Decidio, Inc.