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Clarencedale Cake is a unique cake and cupcake shop with locations in both Boardman, Ohio, and Sharon, PA. We offer a huge variety of mouth-watering, moist cake flavors and icings, and we also specialize in unique, artistic cake designs. From sculptured cakes to wedding cakes, we do it all! We have an A+ rating with the BBB for 5 years strong (check it out!), and a friendly customer service team to answer your questions! Our Sharon location is downtown across from Reyers (724-342-3221) and Boardman on South Avenue in the plaza across from Lowes! Check us out at clarencedalecake

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bakeries starting at $1.00Per Serving and up

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    bhust, boardman, ohio, November 6, 2015


    if i could rate 0 stars, i would! clarencedale does not care about customer service AT ALL. the week of my wedding, i confirmed all details for my cake - drop off time included. wedding day arrives and we show up to our venue, AFTER the time the cake should have arrived and we are met by a frantic reception manager who informs us that the CAKES (not one of the cakes we ordered) have arrived and no one has called. reception manager kept calling clarecedale with no answers. we had no cake on our cake table or cake for our guests.. finally, almost an hour into our reception, the cakes arrive with excuse after excuse. the flowers we special ordered and paid extra money for were not able to be used, as the representative from clarencdale rushed off. our cake was therefore plain and looked terrible. we heard nothing from clarencedale to make this situation right. then, they had the nerve to make a huge post about it on their site, indicating their main baker was ill - well that is not my fault but bad management, planning and business on their part. however, all throughout the week before, they were posting pictures of new cupcake creations.. when i returned from my honeymoon, i contacted clarencedale to have this situation righted, and was told they would be compensating me. she said she didn't want to lose my business.. i never heard from them again. i tried calling and could not get in contact with the manager/owner. i left messages and she never called back. what kind of business are they running there? they obviously do not value their customers. do not use clarecedale for your wedding cakes or other orders!

    This is the subjective opinion of an independent reviewer and not of Decidio, Inc.

    Under new ownership and nothing like it used to be...

    We had been ordering cakes and cupcakes for years while the original owner operated this business. Ellen really cared about the way her cakes looked as much as how good they tasted and she raised the bar high for her competitors. Unfortunately, Ellen and her husband sold Clarencedale Cakes and now live in Florida. We found this out the hard way.....I ordered a well-planned out birthday cake for my granddaughter's 6th birthday party. The cake order was well over $140 and I put a 50% deposit on it. I arrived at the bakery at the designated time.....and there was no sign of my cake or cupcakes...nothing. There were a few kids running the shop and they called the owner's daughter but she offered no apology and no solution to the problem even though the party was taking place within 2 hours. She said I'd need to call her on Monday so she could find the paperwork from the order. I needed the cake that day .... Saturday. I finally was able to get a hold of the new owner and she did refund the deposit and had her daughter deliver cupcakes. Thank God for a local Giant Eagle Grocery store who had a bakery that could whip up a Ariel themed cake on short notice. Obviously, I swore off the "new" Clarencedale Cakes ......but I decided to give them one more chance 6 mos. later with a cake order for my other granddaughter's birthday. I made sure they had very detailed pictures and went over the order really carefully with one of the employees. I called them 2 days before the scheduled pick up just to make sure they didn't lose my order like they did 6 mos before. I also called them the day befor I picked it up. When I got there, the 2 cakes and 3 doz cakepops were ready and they really did look cute....I had plastic characters to decorate the cake so we didn't have a lot of detailed decorations however. Unfortunately, the cake didn't taste nearly as good as it looked. It was dry - very dry....which didn't shock me. I was warned by someone else (after I paid my deposit of course) that they freeze their cakes now and they're all dry. I bought some cupcakes and they too were dry. I really don't think cakes dry out just because they're frozen. They will dry out if they're baked to far in advanced though and I think that's what's happening here. Either way, it doesn't matter - there will be no more chances on my end. There are too many competitors out there who really care about the product they sell. I really don't think these new owners care one way or the other.

    This is the subjective opinion of an independent reviewer and not of Decidio, Inc.
    Elaine, Youngstown, Ohio, January 31, 2013

    Gorgeous and delicious

    Clarencedale did my wedding cake, my sister's wedding cake, my baby shower cake, my son's baptism cake, and his first birthday cake. My cousin also had his wedding cake here, and we are in for cupcakes frequently. My point is that our family has used this business for all of our occasions since they've opened. We love the flavors/icings and the artistic quality their cakes have. We always have been pleased with how these cakes look, but we are forever blown away by the taste. I can't believe any naysayer knowing how friendly and accomodating the service is, and how satisfied we've been every single time. I have to stick up for Clarencedale...I want them around for a long time; I don't want to get my cakes or cupcakes anywhere else!.

    This is the subjective opinion of an independent reviewer and not of Decidio, Inc.
    Robert Byrnes, North Canton, Ohio, January 26, 2013

    Wedding cake buyers beware

    I was introduced to Clarencedale cupcakes a couple of years ago, and I absolutely love them. But that’s where it ends. We ordered our wedding cake from there, white batter with raspberry filling, and white butter cream icing with fancy piping. We picked up the cake the day of the wedding and it was nothing like what was described. We spoke to a man who said he was a part owner and we expressed our unhappiness. The cake was a yellowish tint with gaudy fat piping. It looked like a child did it. He said there was nothing he could do since I needed the cake. My wife was so upset, we said we would never be back, to which he responded “Sorry to hear that “. It doesn’t end there, when we cut into the cake it was YELLOW batter, and the taste was like it came right out of a box. We were very embarrassed to have this cake at our wedding since it was a formal event.The only reason I have decided to write this review is because I have been hearing radio commercials for the bakery and feel a responsibility to all of those couples thinking about ordering there wedding cake from them. Think twice before doing so. Ours was Horrible I hope the owner investigates this, not a spec of untruth in here

    Vendor response: We are very sorry Mr. Byrnes was unhappy at our family-owned establishment. I do have a few responses to his review nonetheless. First of all, The yellowish tint results from our use of pure vanilla and real locally produced butter. He did sample the white flavor he ordered in cupcake form, and I assure everyone that the white batter is the same for both cakes and cupcakes, and neither our buttercream nor our white cake ever has been nor ever will be "snow white". A snow white frosting means it was made with shortening, not butter. The piping and cake matched the design he requested. In fact, it was only a single layer 12" cake costing about 70 dollars, not a fancy tiered cake you would expect at a formal event. Nonetheless, I personally did the piping on the cake and felt it was of highest standard. Our security cameras caught the conversation the day Mr. Byrnes picked up his cake nearly a year ago. He was offered the possibility to return the cake for a full refund, politely offered to change the decorations, we offered to exchange it for cupcakes, to which he declined all of those options. We did apologize since he did not like the cake, and we were professional in our behavior and demeanor. We have done over 3,000 wedding cakes and have many many repeat customers from those weddings. We understand that we may not please everyone, but we try to anyway. Mr. Byrnes was in a very very. small minority, and its unfortunate , but a reality of retail. We like to focus on our 5,000 fans on facebook who would be happy to share their positive experiences with us, our giant repeat client list, and our amazing cakes, cupcakes, pastries and designs. Our successful, award-winning business continues to thrive and grow, and we urge all new potential customers to visit our website, facebook page, and shop!
    This is the subjective opinion of an independent reviewer and not of Decidio, Inc.
    Neena, New Castle, Pennsylvania, January 20, 2012

    Ahhhhh...MAZING Cake

    My husband and I were so incredibly thrilled with out wedding cake from Clarencedale Cake. Unique, delicious, beautiful, perfect! Loved our dealings with them from our cake-tasting appointment all the way to the anniversary tier we ate 1 year later.....and it was still so good!! They did not dissappoint!! Friendly staff......yummy cake and cupcakes.......Gorgeous artwork. I reccommend them to everyone!

    This is the subjective opinion of an independent reviewer and not of Decidio, Inc.
    Leslie, Columbus, Ohio, January 16, 2012

    If you want beautiful, modern and affordable, this is the bakery for you!

    I'm shocked by the negative reviews on here. We have been using this bakery for over 5 years!!! The quality has always been far and above any other baker I have ever encountered. Ellen and her staff have made bridal shower cakes, wedding cakes, baby shower cakes and birthday cakes for myself AND my sister (including my nephews 1st birthday which occurred yesterday and the cake was so good there wasn't anything left). We are repeat customers because her cakes are delicious and BEYOND beautiful. In fact, I trusted in her abilities so much that I gave her complete creative control over my wedding cake. The only thing I asked is that it be all white. What she delivered was a 6 tiered, over 5 foot tall magnificent creation with embossing on the frosting, sugar flowers, scalloping and a handmade sugar vase on top. I wish I could post a picture on here (If you go to their webiste, it's on the main page and the first cake in the wedding album. Yay us!) My bridal shower cake she HAND PAINTED a toile design on the fondant where each picture represented something sweet and thoughtful about a blessed life and marriage. All of our experiences with Ellen, the owner, have been wonderful. I've only ever known her to be sweet natured and kind and a person who bends over backwards to make sure her customers are happy. I'm inclined to believe that the negative posts are written by someone who can never be pleased. Do not let the review keep you from buying any baked good from Clarencedale. It was heartbreaking to read something so mean spirited about this wonderful SMALL business. Even if you don't need a cake, it's worth it to drop in for a cupcake. I dare you to eat just one! Especially the Mexican Fried Ice Cream!! I wish I lived closer so I could frequent it more often.

    This is the subjective opinion of an independent reviewer and not of Decidio, Inc.