Belle Rose Maison

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15833 Old Conroe Rd
Conroe, TX 77384


About Belle Rose Maison

One venue holds 25-75 people and the other up to 380 guests, all in a luxurious setting with extensive landscaping. Every area is a photographer's dream by providing a perfect backdrop for all types of special events, including weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, showers, graduations, reunions, auctions, and charity benefits.

Business Details

banquet facilities starting at $500 and up

Type of Venue Needed
  • Banquet Hall
  • Unique Location
  • Number of Guests
  • 11 to 25
  • 26 to 50
  • 51 to 100
  • 101 to 200
  • More than 200
  • Include Catering
  • Space Only
  • Space and Catering
  • No Preference
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    Terrible service

    Short review: Don’t have an event at Bella Rose Maison. Long version: April was booked because we were told that the flowers would be beautiful then. Sadly, the gardens were full of weeds, dried up dead plants and a few plastic ferns. The tiles on the steps and floor of the gazebo also known as the “Greek Temple” were literally falling off and lying on their sides. We had to prop them up for the wedding and pictures. More than one person tripped on the loose tiles. The roof of the gazebo is off kilter from the pillars. Two days before the wooden floor was filthy and had numerous spider webs all around the perimeter of the room that had thousands of spider eggs in them. Wedding day: The floor was still dirty. The owner responded by saying we had brought in the dirt. We pointed out the numerous spider webs that we obviously did not bring into the place. The owner finally cleaned it as guests arrived. The owner also claimed that the wedding was at 3:00 PM instead of 2:00. The owner said, “Brides put the wrong time on their invitations all the time.” Fortunately we had the original paperwork from her. My nephew mentioned that it would be fun to do a silly picture. The owner told him that she did not allow pictures like that and told them they could not take the picture even though there is a similar picture on Bella Rose Maison website. The owner also only set up the 7 indoor tables and did not set up the three outdoor tables for our 100 guests. When she was asked to set up the number of tables we needed she claimed that the two serving tables and the bride’s tables were used instead of the three outdoor tables. She changed what had been discussed ON THE WEDDING DAY. She refused to set up the three outside tables. Both my sister and I separately told her that we would take care of the extra cost that the owner said would have to be paid. The owner set up only two tables outside and then she went to the bride and groom to bothering them for more money. The owner then undecorated the tables. I had to go to her again and tell her that the tables would be taken care of and insist that she put them back. I was not happy that she had disturbed the bride and groom on their special day when the owner had been told that the additional cost would be covered by me and my sister. A wedding before ours had all of the gift cards stolen from the card box during their wedding. We were told that the gifts and cards always go on the table in the office where the owner worked. We had to have a friend watch over the gift card box so our bride and groom’s cards didn’t disappear as well. During the reception we discovered why the cards most likely disappeared in the wedding before ours. We at first could not figure out who the people were that were walking through the reception until we realized that the owner was showing the venue to new customers during my son’s reception. No wonder why the previous wedding had their gift cards stolen. Afterwards, all we were supposed to clean up was removing our own things. The owner told my family that they had to clean everything! The only thing that the venue cleaned was the tablecloths and napkins. I saw how they “cleaned” the table cloths. They spot cleaned them by spraying cleaner on them while they were on the tables. They were then folded up and put back into the cabinet. Also, before the wedding I noticed that a couple of the napkins had stains on them. She also blamed us for the stains even though no one had even used a napkin yet. The owner never once took responsibility for any of the issues that we brought to her attention. Additional things: The owner constantly complained about “the Mexicans” as well as other brides who used her venue. The silver cake stand was totally tarnished. The glass water / tea servers turned out to be plastic. The nice looking pool in the website pictures was covered in slime. We didn’t even use it for pictures.

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