How Much Will Your Wedding Hair and Makeup Cost in 2019?

Every bride wants to look like a supermodel on her wedding day, but achieving that flawless look will require a team of experts to handle all the details so that you will have the most beautiful makeup skin, hair, and nails possible as you walk down the aisle. Read on to discover what exactly is involved in the bridal beauty process, how much you should expect to pay for your wedding hair and makeup, and industry recommended tips on how can you stay within budget!

According to wedding quote data compiled by Decidio, couples can expect to pay an average of $147 for their wedding hair and makeup in 2019, which is roughly 0.5% of their total budget. This ranks number 18 in terms of cost behind hiring a wedding officiant (see a list of complete wedding costs here). The amount you ultimately pay your bridal beauty expert can vary widely by where you live, if you need services during peak wedding season, what services you need, what type of spa or beauty salon you plan to visit, and other factors.

2019 City and State Averages

Shown below are the average costs spent by brides on their hair and makeup services over the past 9-12 months. How does your area compare? *NOTE: The amounts appearing below are updated throughout the year.

Top 10 Most And Least Expensive Cities

The Average Cost of Wedding Wedding Hair And Makeup by State

StatesAverage Cost
District of Columbia$298
New Hampshire$254
New Jersey$315
New Mexico$223
New York$283
North Carolina$227
North Dakota$207
Rhode Island$263
South Carolina$235
South Dakota$195
West Virginia$209

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What is Included in That Cost?

Brides that want Instagram worthy pictures on their big day know that it takes careful planning and research to achieve that look. Below are several beauty services that brides turn to when they want to achieve that perfect bridal look, with hair and makeup being the most popular by far. You should look into booking your selected professional up to one year before your wedding day. Also, don't forget that you should add in a 15-25 percent tip to many of these services which will also bring up the total cost.

Skin Care: Having glowing, flawless skin should be one of the first things you think of when planning your beauty regimen. Set up a visit with your dermatologist months before your wedding, as some treatments to take care of acne or wrinkles may take up to several months to work.

Laser Hair Removal/Waxing: Depending on your budget, you can either go the more expensive route with laser hair removal for $200-$350 per session (with a six session recommended minimum) or you can do waxing instead, which is more affordable. Waxing establishments will charge more for herb-based wax of better quality as it minimizes the occurrences of ingrown hair and skin irritation sometimes associated with the waxing process.

  • Local waxing salons and day spas can charge between $50 to $75 for full legs, $30 to $50 for half-legs, $20 to $45 for arms, $15 to $25 for underarms, $10 to $20 for brows, $10 to $20 for lips and chins, $25 to $40 for bikini area, and $50 to $80 for Brazilian wax service

  • High end spas in resorts and larger hotels can charge between $70 to $85 for full legs, $45 to $60 for half-legs, $30 to $55 for arms, $25 to $35 for underarms, $15 to $25 for brows, $15 to $25 for lips and chins, $35 to $50 for bikini area, and $60 to $100 for Brazilian

Hair Stylist: Like other wedding beauty services, it depends on where you live, what you need done, supply and demand for that stylist's services, whether you need the stylist at your location or at the salon, and if you also need your bridal party's hair done. If you would like it done at your location, the stylist may require a minimum number of people. Prices can go from $50 for a bridal up do at a salon to $300 or more for the most in demand stylists in urban areas.

Makeup Artist: Many of the factors that will affect your final cost for a bridal makeup professional are identical to those for your hair stylist. You can choose between having your makeup applied via an airbrush or traditionally applied with a brush or sponge or even the fingertips. While traditional makeup is more versatile, airbrush makeup is much longer lasting and will not require touch ups throughout the night. The cost for airbrush makeup can be expected to be around 20-40% more expensive.

Manicurist/Pedicurist: Mani-Pedi session costs can vary depending on the type of establishment performing the service. French tips and specialty painted nails can be expected to cost between 10-30% extra.

  • Small or local nail salons nationwide can charge anywhere between $10 to $35 for manicures and pedicures, up to $40 for acrylic nails.

  • Mid-range salons and spas nationwide charge between $20-$60 for manicures and pedicures, and up to $50 for acrylic nails.

  • Higher end resort spas can charge up to $100 for manicures, $150 for pedicures, and around $100 for acrylic nails.

Facials: While all facials will take roughly an hour, the price you pay for that perfect glow is a reflection of the specific techniques being used by your esthetician to apply the various products and cleansers to your face. More experienced estheticians and upscale spas at high end spas will also charge more for the service. Depending on all these factors, brides can expect to pay anywhere between $50 for a facial at their local spa to $500 for a famous esthetician to perform the service at the most exclusive spa in major cities.

Key Points to remember:

  • In 2019, brides can expect to pay an average of $147, for their wedding hair and makeup, which is around 0.5% of a couple's total budget

  • How much a bride pays for wedding related beauty services is determined by what services are needed, where she is located, the level of talent and experience of the professional being hired, the level of establishment being visited, and supply and demand factors.

  • Beauty services needed by brides in addition to wedding hair and makeup can include hair removal services such as waxing, manicures and pedicures, and facials.

Tips on Saving Money on Your Wedding Hair and Makeup

You've spent countless hours on Pinterest and have pinned the ideal bridal hair, nails and makeup that looks fabulous and still makes you feel like yourself! If you don't have enough of a budget to get everything you want done, use some or all of the tips below suggested by the best bridal beauty experts in the business to save money and still hire those pros that will make you look amazing when the big day arrives.

  • For many bridal beauty services, you will be able to get a nice discount if a minimum amount of people get the same service. For example, if your bridesmaids also get their hair and makeup done with the same artist/stylist.

  • If you are already an existing customer of a stylist or salon, chances are you'll get a price break for any wedding services needed, especially if you plan to introduce your wedding party as potential new customers and referrals.

  • Salons will often increase prices if they know the services needed are wedding related, so why tell them? Get all your nails, makeup, and hair done without letting them know what it's for. Keep in mind this won't work if you need your artist on location, and you will likely get special attention to all the details if they know it's for your wedding.

  • Obviously you'll save more by DIY, but if you must have a professional then see ways you can save by bundling services such as nails and makeup at the same salon.

  • Take some lessons on applying makeup from a professional and DIY! You get the added benefit of knowing how for the rest of your life and the lesson will likely be more affordable than hiring a professional makeup artist on your wedding day.

  • If your wedding will be taking place later in the day, many department store makeup counters will give you a makeover at no charge provided you purchase something. If you do purchase something, you can even see if they offer a free promotional gift as well!

  • Save up to 20 percent in many resort spas by taking advantage of packages combining their standard and deluxe mani-pedi services.

  • Negotiate your fee first, then ask if you can pay it in upfront in cash in exchange for a discount.

  • Check to see if you can get a price break from your selected salon or beauty professional through discounts on their website or social media pages, or if they offer a groupon. You may also get coupons by visiting your local bridal expo.

  • If your selected stylist or pro is too expensive, ask to book their assistant instead. They've been trained by the best and can be had for much cheaper.

  • Remember the more people you include in your group, the bigger discount you can negotiate with your salon or stylist. Remember though, if your party is too big an assistant may be needed to have everyone ready in time, meaning an additional expense.

  • If you get waxing services and have several people in your party, ask for complementary gel that will prevent ingrown hairs and reduce bumps that can occur after your waxing session as a freebie. Salons can charge $20 for this if sold separately, but will give it to get your business.

  • In addition to a group discount, ask if the bride can get the more expensive airbrush applied makeup while the bridal party or family get their makeup done the traditional method.

  • Find a stylist or makeup artist who will charge the same rate regardless if you are a bridesmaid or bride. You'll still likely get extra attention.

  • If any member of the wedding party is also getting married soon, you can both negotiate for a lower price by hiring the same artist.

  • You can save hundreds of dollars by getting your bridal group to travel to your favorite salon as a group instead of having your professionals come to you.

  • Ask your makeup artist if they offer free consultations, as you can get an idea of their level of service months before the big day.

  • If the service will be needed on location, negotiate to remove any travel expenses added on if included in the total fee.

  • Take advantage of supply and demand by having your big day happen outside of wedding season. This will result in huge price breaks and better quality service from your day of wedding planner, caterer, reception venue and every other wedding vendor needed.

  • Some makeup artists will deduct from their total cost if you supply your own makeup.

  • Make a huge impact for less than ten or fifteen dollars by having good quality false lashes put on at your favorite department store beauty counter. You can then DIY the rest of your makeup.

  • If you'll be having your ceremony at an outdoors or natural setting, then consider a minimal/natural beauty look to match such as eyeliner and mascara. Remember you'll still need to look good for the pictures!

  • If you really like a specific makeup artist or hair stylist but your budget is limited, don't be afraid to let them know and negotiate for a fee that makes you both happy!