When selecting what the groom and groomsmen will wear, it´s a good idea to choose something that is suitable for the venue and for the type of wedding you are planning. There is something for everyone when it comes to classy New York City men´s formal wear. From the classic black tie and vest combination, to the more casual linen suit look that is popular for spring and summer weddings, there are many different looks to choose from for the groom and the wedding party. Most couples already have an idea of what the groom and the wedding party will wear, while some grooms come in with a general look in mind. Luckily, the selection in NYC is so large that it´s possible to find just about any look in men´s formal wear. Before selecting the formal wear for your wedding, be sure to ask about alteration costs, accessories and shoes. Proper alterations are a must for a great fit, so be sure to leave enough time for everyone in the wedding to have their suits altered prior to the wedding. Adding some great accessories, like a designer handkerchief for the suit pocket, or onyx cufflinks and dress shoes will create a classy look for the big day. Whether you select a casual suit or a tux with a tailcoat, check out what NYC has to offer.