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  • Alex Allan Creative Photographers

    Alex Allan Creative

    San Clemente, CA

    For over 6 years, Alex Allan Creative has been dedicated to providing cinematic and tailored wedding videography services for the most discerning couples. I treat each couple's wedding as if it were my own - crafting the story of your day and bottling up every memory through my lens. A wedding film is the best way to relive one of the most special days of your lives. My motto is "Capture The Moment," with an emphasis on candid shooting to recreate your wedding through video in the most natural way possible. Check out my portfolio for more information, and shoot me a message if my work resonates with you! alexallancreative Based in San Clemente, CA.

  • Rani Lu Photography Photographers

    Rani Lu Photography

    San Clemente, CA

    I am an Orange County based photographer that has spent years mixing my passion for photography with graphic design. As a native Californian, I embrace the cool, hip, fresh style that we get to embrace everyday. As a recent bride and mother, I understand that preserving your wonderful times in life is important; that is why I am dedicated to capturing crisp, clean, modern images that will enable you to remember your day forever. I strive on shooting photos that are as expressive and individual as you and your family is! Specializing in: Weddings, Engagements, Events, Portraits

  • Southern California Weddings Photographers

    Southern California Weddings

    San Clemente, CA

    Hello, I’m Rev. Bruce Danzara, congratulations on your upcoming marriage. I offer an online Selection Guide containing a broad array of ceremony texts, readings & ceremony alternatives. I will totally respect your wishes regarding your ceremony; the content & length of your wedding ceremony are totally up to you. I perform non-denominational, civil (non-religious), spiritual, Christian & renewal ceremonies. I would be happy to collaborate with you every step of the way in creating a wedding ceremony that is uniquely yours, one that will resonate through out your new lives together.

  • Darren DeSilva Photography Photographers

    Darren DeSilva Photography

    San Clemente, CA

    Choosing a photographer for your wedding is a difficult decision, especially in Southern California, because there are so many photographers to choose from. I started photographing weddings because my friends and family kept asking me to, not out of financial decision, and I think it really shows in my work. I am a portrait photographer in San Clemente, California, with an attention to detail... Something you need in a photographer. Wedding photography is a small portion of my business but it's definitely the most fun and enjoyable. Please visit my website and let my images do the talking.

  • Ocean Image Photography Photographers

    Ocean Image Photography

    San Clemente, CA

    Ocean Image Photography offers a unique perspective for your special event. We do Model, Family, Outdoor Wedding, Event and Portrait Photography. Kevin's Photos have been featured on the cover of The San Clemente Journal, the front page of The Sun Post News for the Orange County Register and in articles for the Dana Point News, The San Clemente Journal, Banners on El Camino Real in San Clemente and The American Quarter Horse Racing Journal.

  • Tia Bourg Photography Photographers

    Tia Bourg Photography

    San Clemente, CA

    At Tia Bourg Photography you will be relieved to know you have chosen a photographer with experience to handle any little detail that may creep up on a busy wedding day! I have over 9 years experience as a wedding photographer. Tia Bourg Photography is the answer to all your wedding needs! I have been told I have a very calming affect on the nervous bride, as well. Images to treasure forever! I cater to all budgets, ($500/up for photography). I provide a CD with all photography packages, at no extra charge! Please take a look at my website and call me today! I look forward to hearing from you!

  • Fierce Photographers Photographers

    Fierce Photographers

    San Clemente, CA

    We are wedding and portrait photographers that take a unique approach to shooting weddings and events.

  • Broccardo Photography Photographers

    Broccardo Photography

    San Clemente, CA

    Joe Broccardo Photographers, has been shooting weddings in the Southern California area for over 15 years. Combining our portraiture background with there relaxed portrait style they have created a style of there own. Offering packages in everyone price range is what helps Broccardo photographers stand out from the rest. Feel free to call with any of your photographic needs.

  • Elegant Photography Photographers

    Elegant Photography

    San Clemente, CA

    A complete digital staff to handle all your photographic needs. This family owned studio has kept it's reputation by its continued trust in the Bride and the Groom by making there day the most important day to us.

  • Capturing the Essence Gallery Photographers

    Capturing the Essence Gallery

    San Clemente, CA

    capturingtheessence Contact Yolondo Schorsch. You can save up to 25% on your wedding! By popular demand... you can receive ALL YOUR PROOFS & YOUR PICTURES ON CD! We are committed to doing our BEST to meet your wedding ,event, or portrait photography needs. Our photographers are here to serve you! Capture the Essence of your special time, wedding, family, or event, so it can be Savored for a Lifetime! Our wedding photographers serve San Diego County & Orange County Newport, Laguna Beach, Irvine, San Clemente, Huntington Beach, San Juan Capistrano and Dana Point, other areas by inquiry

  • The Photo Couple Photographers

    The Photo Couple

    Canyon Lake, CA

    The superior wedding picture services available at The Photo Couple are ingenious and known for their creative Portrait and bridal portraits available with optional Additional Photographers if needed.

  • Tammys Pinups Photographers

    Tammys Pinups

    Canyon Lake, CA

    Our photo experts are alert and first rate when providing amazing lifestyle photography. Here at Tammys Pinups, we will work with you to get the pictures you want.

  • SALON PLATINUM Photographers


    Aliso Viejo, CA

    You will love the expressive marriage photo services available through SALON PLATINUM when you book an appointment. Their reviews for Commercial and other photography are among the best in the area.

  • LH Productions Photographers

    LH Productions

    Baldwin Park, CA

    At LH Productions, our top wedding portrait photography services are gifted and adept, prepared to provide the best experience for every Sports and bridal session we are booked for.

  • Square Eye Photography Photographers

    Square Eye Photography

    Anaheim, CA

    Our team at Square Eye Photography is attentive and ready to provide an undistracted bridal photo service to Wedding clients and San Clemente area couples that demand only the best.

  • Flenor Photography Photographers

    Flenor Photography

    Bellflower, CA

    San Clemente bridal photographers have to be truly amiable to capture each fleeting moment perfectly. Flenor Photography also offers well known Commercial sessions and more for that specific reason.

  • Shadowcatcher Imagery Photographers

    Shadowcatcher Imagery

    California, CA

    When you want to hire a high caliber Event or bridal photography expert, then choose Shadowcatcher Imagery in San Clemente for always terrific images at very competitive rates.

  • life is candid Photographers

    life is candid

    Carlsbad, CA

    The special occasion photographers at life is candid will always provide top quality images and approach every project in the most detail oriented way.

  • Luis Sanchez Photography Photographers

    Luis Sanchez Photography

    Bellflower, CA

    Original special occasion photography services that know how to cover an event is a must, so be sure to contact Luis Sanchez Photography to discuss our experience and your function or San Clemente area Fine Art shoot.

  • Bluemaskproduction Photographers


    Aliso Viejo, CA

    Here at Bluemaskproduction our excellent special event photographer is highly motivated to get the right images of your San Clemente event or Portrait photography without getting in the way.

  • Knight Photo Video Photographers

    Knight Photo Video

    Anaheim, CA

    Our well-known studio will ensure every Event photography and Photo Restoration is done properly, so contact us at Knight Photo Video today so that we can book your session.

  • MBM Memories Photographers

    MBM Memories

    Bonsall, CA

    Established special occasion photography services are available on your special date from MBM Memories where you will not be let down by our work.

  • The Story Keeper Photographers

    The Story Keeper

    Anaheim Hills, CA

    San Clemente wedding and event photographers come at all talent levels, but for skilled photography turn to The Story Keeper for creative Commercial work and DVD / CD too.

  • Woyski Photography Photographers

    Woyski Photography

    Anaheim, CA

    The local photography services at Woyski Photography go above and beyond to provide you with original bridal and Maternity images, so book your appointment and see why we're the best in the San Clemente area.

  • Soha Photography Photographers

    Soha Photography

    Aliso Viejo, CA

    The ability of photojournalists are not all the same, which is why our references at Soha Photography will all say we are some of the best for Advertising sessions or whatever other photo needs you have.

  • dotDV Productions Photographers

    dotDV Productions

    Brea, CA

    DotDV Productions hires an adept team wedding photojournalists to handle any type of important event in life, so you can depend on them to capture all those special moments.

  • Christina Baldwin Photography Photographers

    Christina Baldwin Photography

    Aliso Viejo, CA

    Every shot you want will be noted by the efficient wedding and event photo service at Christina Baldwin Photography. Also collaborating on exceptional Wedding sessions and more throughout the San Clemente area.

  • JP Photo Photographers

    JP Photo

    Anaheim, CA

    When you are seeking adept local photographers and Photo Montage, you will definitely want to hire the pros at JP Photo. Also providing packages for Portrait photography and much more.

  • samiaphotography Photographers


    Anaheim, CA

    Only truly sharp special event photographers like those found at samiaphotography can ensure the best results, using experience and creativity to deliver on time and on budget every time.

  • Premiere Weddings Videography Photographers

    Premiere Weddings Videography

    Anaheim, CA

    The innovative photographers for weddings at Premiere Weddings Videography are well known and ready to offer you amazing pictures. Capturing special moments is our motto.