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Lacking Integrity

When we first met Shawn he seemed like the perfect fit. The images he showed us were wonderful, his demeanor was perfect, and he was very good at communicating and helping us understand the process of photographing a wedding and our part in that. With our wedding package came an Engagement Photo Session which also went very well. We waited quite a while to get those photo’s back, but finally, after several emails and a couple phone conversations we had a whopping 11 engagement photo’s (and not all, or even a reasonable fraction, of the one’s we were shown or described during that session). Shawn kept up conversation in a timely manner prior to the wedding and did attend our rehearsal, provided pointers and was very focused and available. The day of the wedding, Shawn couldn’t have performed better. It truly is amazing just how crappy a job he did photographing our wedding. I have several issues with Shawn and how he chooses to operate his business Lushlife Photography. First, after the wedding, Shawns communication skills were dropped. His phone was disconnected for several weeks and he did not answer emails, so needless to say we never received our preview of 50 photo’s as promised. In fact, we’d only seen a total of 15 of the photo’s he took of our wedding up till December 30th (we were married on September 28th). Per our contract and his website, we were to receive 50 images within two (2) weeks, and the rest within eight to twelve (8-12) weeks (he only missed the final deadline by 10 days!). We only got the initial 15 photo’s after seeing what a fit other clients of Shawn’s were throwing, in which some had been waiting more than 4 months for their photo’s and are likely still waiting for the final product, that like ourselves, will never see. Had we received the 50 initial images in a timely manner, I thought our review would have been only of the highest praise. However, I’ve now seen the other 112 photos Shawn took during our wedding and reception. WOW! The reception went on for over 4 hours with dinner, and he got a whole 23 photo’s of that! Nothing of the speeches, hardly any family, nothing of my wife being walked down the aisle by her son, nor my son carrying the rings down, but 10 photos of which were of Shawn following around our female attendees. We did a good 30 minute session with just family prior to the wedding itself, yet not one of those were sent to us. The quality was extremely good on the original 15 photo’s Shawn provided us. The remaining 112 on the other hand were completely raw, poorly lit, out of focus, and what I would have expected if we’d hired a 16 year old high school kid to do the shoot. And yet we had to send multiple emails, leave several voicemails, x number of messages on Facebook and other means we’d attempted just to get the original 15 photos! It was only after jumping on with others at the idea of a joint lawsuit that he respond at all. And his response was simply “you’re still good”, so I waited until December 29th, 9 days past the contract deadline to send him another email asking ‘how are we standing’?. “You’re still good”... I don’t feel good, and the photo’s of our wedding completely suck... I feel like I’ve been had by a con artist… Now well past any reasonable deadline, having left several voicemails and emails, I’m certain we will never hear from Shawn, make our final payment, nor receive our final product or the edited photo’s we signed a contract for. All in all, due to Shawn’s lack of communication, his failure to operate under the timelines he himself detailed, and the extremely poor quality of the final images (because we don’t have the final PRODUCTs, just the RAW photos), I would not recommend Shawn or Lushlife Photography for any photo sessions EVER! I wouldn’t even recommend Shawn as a point of contact in life for anything meaningful. A complete lack of integrity is the most meaningful, pleasant thing I can say about Shawn. The bottom line is; I’m certain there are far superior photographers at a competitive price who operate like real professionals and who will provide you with the product you spend your hard earned time and money to receive. Lush Life Photography completely lacks the photography skills, personal integrity and communication ability to quantify the investment of something as important as your wedding photos.


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Juan Diaz Photography

Juan Diaz Photography is a well-recognized team of bridal photographers who will ensure you get the best results every time you book them. Delivering special moments is their goal.


Frances Cecilia Photography

When you need a sharp photographer for special events to shoot your private function, book with Frances Cecilia Photography in Broomfield and see why they are among the most recommended in the area.


AMK Wedding Photography

Hire AMK Wedding Photography as your next bridal photographer with confidence that you have found the best around the Broomfield area for your private event, Wedding work, and more.


Dion Robert Photography

The high caliber team at Dion Robert Photography provides Advertising session services and more throughout the Broomfield area so that you can get the best work possible.


Mountain Event Services

Whether at a studio or on location, we a Mountain Event Services believe in using creativity to take amazing pictures around Broomfield. Contact us to find out about our great service and schedule your appointment.


avenue B photobraphy

An attentive event photo service at avenue B photobraphy will ensure your wedding day is captured exquisitely. Also known throughout Broomfield for amazing Sports and other photography.


kern photo

When you want first rate event photo services, then you need kern photo. We know how to shoot images to every client's satisfaction, and won't miss a thing.


Bow Tie Studios by Mark Stahl Photo...

For the most visionary local wedding photographer in Broomfield, turn to Bow Tie Studios by Mark Stahl Photography where you will receive optional Online Proofs on your special day.



JonesImagery is a team of Broomfield portrait photographers who will go to bat for you for Maternity session work and more, offering high quality service every time you book a session.


Xpressive Photography

The knowledgeable event photo services at Xpressive Photography know how to make feel comfortable and look amazing in your wedding dress. Visit us today in Broomfield to view our portfolio and discuss your needs.


Daddys Girl Photography

Daddys Girl Photography is well-known for offering a team of terrific engagement photography services for your special day. They will go above and beyond to produce amazing Sports pictures or images of your nuptials.


Crystaline Photography Multimedia L...

Book your appointment for your bridal or Event session at Crystaline Photography Multimedia LLC and you will find a team of versatile professionals waiting to discuss your objectives with you.


misterphoton media

If you live in Broomfield, then enjoy the quality images taken by a talented local wedding photographer at misterphoton media like so many happily married couples have already done.


James Alan Jones Photography

If you are looking for an extraordinary marriage photographer, then you only need to contact the pros at James Alan Jones Photography who are always passionate about doing the best work for every client.


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Four Feathers Photography LLC

Four Feathers Photography LLC is a terrific photo studio with noted wedding and event photo service who can take on your Broomfield area occasion and produce amazing images.


Franks Photography

For fabulous Glamour and bridal images contact Franks Photography for top notch event photographers who will always work hard to deliver the pictures you want.



The top notch Maternity services that we offer can include Online Proofs as well or not. Every shoot in the Broomfield area is unique and our event photography service is always available for whatever the client needs.


Giomadi Inc

The seasoned team at Giomadi Inc will capture every special moment right when it happens. Click to learn more about the Maternity work we've done for other clients.


Colorado Photo Booth Rentals

Artistic excellence will show through in lifestyle photography provided by Colorado Photo Booth Rentals. For visionary Portrait session shoots and Additional Photographers services call us today.


Kerry Kara Photography KLS Photos

Kerry Kara Photography KLS Photos is a team of first rate and ace bridal photographers ready to capture your vows beautifully for timeless images you'll cherish.


SWaT Production LLC

Brilliant doesn't begin to describe the approach to taking photos at SWaT Production LLC. Contact them today to learn about Event or other photo work and you will be thrilled with the results.



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Image Maker

The creative pros at Image Maker prove that Broomfield wedding photojournalists can truly care about delivering the best pictures possible without compromise.


11 11 Productions Photography

We believe in providing only the most aware photographer services for every Portrait and bridal session at 11 11 Productions Photography. Call our Broomfield location and see why local brides hold us in such high esteem.


Creative Exposures

At Creative Exposures, you will enjoy qualified and candid marriage photography services to cover mostly any kind Event or private occasion work you need done.


Jan Pelton Photography

This studio offers sublime bridal photo services at Jan Pelton Photography who go above and beyond to provide amazing and perfect Sports and bridal images.


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Carol Roman Photography

Our able artists at Carol Roman Photography are committed to providing only the best Portrait and event session. If you need to capture your special day and live around Broomfield, call us.


Classic Camera Photography

Classic Camera Photography hires a team of passionate photography services that ensure all pictures are taken properly. Book with us for your important Wedding or wedding shoot and you will be glad you did.


Frances Photography

The innovative team of expert wedding photojournalists at Frances Photography will go above and beyond to capture your wedding day or Broomfield Glamour session perfectly.


Photojennette Photography

Timeless wedding images are always the goal of the trusted photographers available at Photojennette Photography. Great Wedding and other photos also taken in and out of our Broomfield studio.


Golden Paisley Photography

The responsive wedding photographer services at Golden Paisley Photography will ensure that each wedding and Commercial shoot will look the very best every time.

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