How Much Will Your Party Rentals Cost in 2019?

Planning and organizing any type wedding or event, whether it be large or small, sometimes requires renting items that will be needed to ensure that the event is successful. As party organizers rarely own these items themselves, they turn to specialized party rental services that have them in stock and are available to rent. These companies specialize in the providing, transporting, setting up, and breaking down of whatever rental equipment or items are needed.

Regardless of what is being rented, almost all rental companies in 2019 will charge you a fixed amount per item for an agreed upon period of time. This length of time will be included in your contract and can range from several hours to a full day or two. The amount you pay per item will depend on factors including the specific item being rented and the quantity, the length of time agreed upon in the contract, the area of the country where you live, the day and month needed, supply / demand considerations, value added services, and other factors.

Remember that additional fees, local and state taxes, and gratuities should also be budgeted for, which may increase the final cost by up to 25% or so, depending on where you live and the specific company being hired. Some companies do not have additional fees or do not require gratuities as they bake tips into the rental cost, so it will be up to you to do your research and ask if this is the case.

Continue reading to learn about what the most popular rental items being rented this year will be as well as pricing information. We will also provide some money saving tips that will help you stay within budget when you need to rent items for your wedding or party.

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Party Rental Categories and Pricing

Specific items that are rented for weddings, parties, and events are as varied as the occasions being celebrated. We've included some of the more popular wedding and event rentals below as well as average pricing information.

Tables and Seating Items: In case you will be serving food or just wish for your guests to be comfortable for an extended period of time, rental items are available to do just that:

  • Tables: Ideal for wedding receptions or any gatherings where food will be served, tables of varying shapes and sizes are available to accommodate the number of people being served and the dimensions of the event venue.

    Pricing is dependent on the size and shape of the table being rented, and can be anywhere between $5 (for a rectangular table seating 6 guests) to $10 or more (for a round table seating 8 guests) to up to $15 (for the largest round banquet tables).

  • Chairs: These essential items can range from either folding or stacking chairs for your guests to sit on. Chairs can be made of plastic, wood, or another material. Pricing is dependent on the type of chair you wish to rent and material multiplied by the number needed.

    Chair rentals are priced anywhere between $1 (for the most basic plastic folding chair) and $10 (for a good quality ballroom chair with padding) each depending on the type of chair needed.

  • Chair Covers: For added elegance, you can cover your chairs with dressy fabric in various colors. Pricing is determined by how many covers you will need, the size of the chairs to be covered, the material used, and if you need any extra adornments such as bows added to enhance the look.

    Pricing can be anywhere between $2 and $5, with add-ons like bows or sashes extra.

  • Linens: Add to the ambiance of your event by renting linens to cover tables and other important focal areas in the venue. Pricing for linens is determined by the shape of your tables, the size of linen you want to rent (floor length is more elegance while lap length is more affordable), the material of the linen and how many you will need.

    Pricing for renting linens can range anywhere between $5 (for the smallest tablecloth) to $25 (for a large tablecloth used for receptions and banquets).

Food Service Items: Each of your guests will need these to properly enjoy the catered food and drinks provided to your event:

  • Glassware: Whether you're serving wine, liquor, sodas or water, beverages of all types can be served in style.

    Pricing for glassware can range from $0.40 for your basic wine glass to $1.25 or even more for fine crystal wine glassware.

  • Flatware and Silverware: Depending on your budget, your guests will be using knives, forks, and spoons made of varying styles, material, and finishes.

    Pricing for flatware can run as low as $0.30 per piece for a basic stainless steel design up to $1.00 and more per piece for higher end silverware with a fancy design.

  • China: Plates, bowls, saucers and other dinnerware of various sizes and quality are available for your guests to eat on. Pricing will depend on the color, pattern, and material of the china you wish to rent multiplied by the number of guests.

    Pricing for china can range anywhere from $0.35 per piece (figure $3.50 for a complete set per guest) to $1.00 per piece for good quality china (about $10.00 per complete set per guest).

  • Frozen Drink Machines: You'll ensure that your guests will stay cool and have fun in a warm setting by renting these.

    Prices can range anywhere between $150 and $300 for several hours, and includes delivery and an agreed upon number of mixing concentrate packets. Each additional mixing concentrate will cost around $25 or more extra.

  • Chocolate Fountains: Enjoy drizzling melted chocolate on a variety of foods in a fun and novel way!

    Rental prices which include drop off, cleaning, and pick up can range anywhere between $100 for a small fountain and $600 for an extra-large fountain rental for 3-5 hours.

Entertainment Items: Your guests will have a great time when any of these items are rented to keep the party going!

  • Dance Floors: If your guests are the type that will dance all night long, then these can be used to ensure safe footing. Dance floors are rented by the type of floor material (wood, parquet, vinyl, polypropylene) the size in square feet. The proper size needed is determined by how many people you estimate will be dancing at one time.

    Average prices for 100 guests dancing on a 12 x 12 dance floor can range anywhere between $200 and $350 depending on the material used.

  • A/V Equipment: Nobody will miss that important toast, speech, performance, or song when you have enough sound and lighting to cover the room. A/V equipment can be rented either by the hour or day, and extras such as setup time can bump up the price by 20% or more.

    Pricing can run anywhere between $100 and $1000 or more per day, depending on the quality of equipment needed.

  • Karaoke Machine: Amp up the fun and have everyone singing for hours with these fun machines. An attendant is often provided to ensure there are no technical issues and to keep the energy level high.

    Average costs depending where you live can go anywhere between $100 for the most basic system to $300 and up for a top of the line system with attendant.

Outdoor Items: Rent these items whether the purpose is to protect your guests from the elements, have the kids enjoy a giant inflatable, or provide a decorative item to an outdoors venue.

  • Tents: Enjoy your outdoors location and simultaneously create a temporary venue that protects your guests from the elements with elegant tenting. Tent rental pricing is calculated by the tent type (pole or frame) and size needed, which is determined both by the number of guests that will be attending the event and the configuration of the setting inside it (how your tables, chairs, podiums, dance floor, food stations, and more will be set up).

    Pricing can go from $500 for your smallest tents to $5000 and up for the largest. Keep in mind that there will likely be other expenses associated with renting a tent that you will also have to pay for such as tent runners ($1,000 and up), flooring (between $1-$3 per square foot), portable air conditioning / heating, lighting, and of course generators to power everything!

  • Arches, Chuppahs and Gazebos: Instantly create a memorable and elegant backdrop for any outdoors ceremony with these items. Can be metal, plastic, wooden, wicker, or acrylic.

    Pricing can range from $40 for a basic arch to over $200 for an intricate gazebo.

  • Inflatables: Kids of all ages will be able to enjoy the beautiful weather outside by climbing, crawling, bouncing, running, and even sliding on the many giant inflatables, jumpers, moonwalks, slides, and bounce houses available for rent. These items come in all shapes and sizes and are rented on either an hourly or a daily basis.

    Pricing for party inflatables can go for as low as just under $100 for renting a basic bounce house for several hours to over $600 for renting a top of the line themed giant inflatable obstacle course with water slide and splash area for a full day. Additional expenses that may increase the price further may be in case a power generator needs to be rented, the cost to hire an attendant, cleaning fees, and sales tax.

Steps to Hiring Your Party Rental Service

As you can see from the types of party rentals available and their pricing structure, it is extremely important for you to accurately calculate the number of guests you expect to appear at your event in order to keep costs in line and stay within budget. Regardless of the type of rentals you will need, following these steps will ensure that you hire the best available party rental company in your area:

  • Go Direct: You may find reputable 'umbrella' third party companies or websites based out of state that will locate and outsource work to a local service that you have not vetted yourself. Generally we would recommend that you directly hire someone local as you will not only be able to do your research beforehand but you will also be able to hold them more accountable if they are locally based.

  • Experience: The years a company has been in business is a good barometer of how good they are at what they do. Conversely, a newer company just breaking into the business may be more willing to throw in freebies or go the extra mile to gain you as a referral.

  • Online and Offline Reviews: In this day and age if a company does good work then word will get out, whether it be via online review sites like Decidio or through local word of mouth. Check for companies that have several RECENT reviews posted to get a feel for what to expect if you hire them for your event. If you're hiring other vendors, you can also ask them if they would recommend any reputable rental companies.

  • Online Presence: Reputable companies of all types will have some presence online in the form of a website or social media account where recent interactions with customers can be found. Active companies proud of their work will more likely provide a good service if you hire them versus companies that either to not have a social media presence or are not active onine.

  • Don't Wait to Book: Regardless of the type of event you are hosting, booking the services of your selected party rental company early will guarantee that they will be available on your date. This is especially important if they will be needed for a wedding and your date is in wedding season, where there will be plenty of demand for their services. Once you have found someone you are comfortable with, go ahead and book them!

  • Leave Nothing out of the Contract: Everything related to your rentals should be included in the contract, including delivery and pickup dates and times, items needed (itemized), descriptions, and how many of each, the legal name of company, an itemized list of all charges and fees, liability insurance, breach of contract penalties, and anything else that may be important.

  • Verify: Either you or your representative should double check everything delivered is in proper condition when it arrives on the day of the event. If there are any discrepancies either in the count or the quality of the items themselves, be sure that they are noted and immediately remedied by the company. Refer to the contract in the case of any disputes.

Key Points to remember:

  • In 2019, the amount you spend on your party or wedding rentals will depend on how many and which items are needed, how long they will be needed, the city you live in, the month and day they are needed, and other factors.

  • There are many different types of rentals that can be booked. As pricing for many items depends on the number of guests you have, be sure that you have an accurate guest count to avoid wasting money.

  • There are several steps you can follow that will help you identify and hire the best party rental service available in your area and ensure that the experience will be positive.

Tips on Saving Money When Hiring a Party Rental Company

Here are some awesome tips on staying within your budget while still hiring a quality rental company.

  • Depending on the item being rented, many times delivery and set up are included in the overall price. Be sure this is the case with your selected company and they will not charge you extra.

  • Although package deals may seem great, calculate the number of guests you expect to see if it is cheaper to rent items separately. Sometimes packages aren't such a great deal if your guest count doesn't match.

  • Many companies will give you the rental for the entire weekend at no charge. Check to see if this is the case.

  • Always get an accurate confirmed guest count if you are renting items that charge per guest like linens, china, etc. Missing guests can end up costing you in rentals, catering, and more.

  • If you are renting a dance floor, get a quote for the entire size that you need rather than per section. These companies will then use the largest sizes they have available to meet your size requirements.

  • For linens, you will likely save money by using fuller length tablecloths on as many tables as you can instead of the shorter length combined with skirting. Calculate to see which is more cost effective.

  • You may be able to save on the cost of rentals by using a venue that provides those items. However, the cost of these items can be baked into the venue rental cost. You may be able to negotiate for them to remove those items from the venue rental agreement.

  • Use 60 inch and 72 inch round tables for your seating. These are the most popular sizes as they can fit the most people per table versus other table sizes.

  • Your caterer may also provide party rentals, which may lead to a volume discount instead of hiring separate catering and rental companies.

  • See if it's possible to find a chair that you like as is so you don't have to invest in chair covers.

  • If possible, use the same type of chair for both the ceremony and reception (covering or decorating them in between). That way you only need to rent one set of chairs instead of two! Keep in mind there will be added labor cost involved for the dressing and rearranging process, but you'll even save on those if you can round up some guests or groomsmen to do the work.

  • Always be sure to see the company's inventory of rental items yourself before signing the contract to ensure everything is in desirable quality. If the items aren't in good condition, you should move on to the next company regardless of the price being offered.

  • When renting items like tents, tables, and dance floors be sure you check online for tools on how to properly calculate how much you will need.

  • If you have a more casual event, you may want to use good quality paper napkins instead of the more expensive cloth type.

  • When renting linens, you'll leave a better impression by using simple tablecloths and spending money on better quality napkins that the guests will actually touch and use.

  • Be sure every item is accounted for on arrival to avoid paying for 'lost or missing' items after the event ends. A professional rental company will never object to go over everything on arrival.

  • Local parent magazines will often have ads on discounts for inflatables.

  • If you have guests that smoke be sure you set out ash trays for them to use, as burn marks on tablecloths equals costly replacements!

  • Check online in sites like Groupon to see which rental companies offer deals and when. A company's website or social media account may also give you insight on deals, as will sites like Decidio which reveal any special offers provided by local party rental companies.

  • By sourcing your catering and party rentals with a single company, you will be able to save money on delivery and other fees. You'll also be able to negotiate a volume discount of some sort if you ask.

  • Save money on glassware by reserving basic wine, cocktail and water glasses while also using higher quality champagne glasses. Doing so will upgrade the appearance of the entire set.

  • Some inflatable companies provide partial day rentals as well as full day rentals. If you are organized with your party times you'll save at least $50 by booking your bounce house for only 4 hours or so.

  • If you want a better quality inflatable but find it's too costly, see if any child in your circle of friends is also celebrating a birthday and would like to combine parties. That way both families can not only split the cost of the more impressive inflatable, but also split the cost on food, drinks, entertainment, etc.

  • Some party rental companies provide both entertainers and rentals, so negotiating a package deal for both is possible.

  • Newer rental companies in your area will almost always be receptive to giving a price break in exchange for you leaving multiple positive reviews on all the major review sites.

  • You will likely get a discount by being nice and asking for one! Unless you need the rentals in peak season, companies will want to lock in a new customer instead of losing the sale to a competitor. Even if they can't give you a reduction in the price, they will be willing to throw in some extras at no charge to keep you happy.

  • Ask your company if a tip is included in the service or if one is expected afterward. If it's included, you've just saved ten percent or so on top of whatever the cost is.

  • Pay for your rentals with a credit card that has cash back benefits for a small net discount. In fact, pay for everything related to your event with the same card!

So now that you've not only found the best party rental service in your local area and negotiated like a boss to get what you need at the best price possible, it's time to relax and enjoy your party!

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