Having the right equipment for your wedding is a big part of keeping guests happy. The wedding equipment you´ll need depends on where you are getting married and what type of reception you are planning. A large buffet meal, for example, has specific equipment requirements that you won´t find with a small cocktail hour. Depending on the type of wedding you are planning in NYC, you may need to rent equipment from an event company to pull it off. From the ceremony chairs and candles, to the banquet tables and bar, it takes many different types of equipment to pull off a successful wedding. Aside from the flowers and decorations, you often need to provide at least some of the basic wedding equipment at a venue, including tablecloths and napkins, fine china and glassware for your guests. While some venues provide everything you need, it´s a good idea to ask before,as you may need to bring in some extra rental equipment. When planning a wedding or any other special event in a crowded city like NYC, it´s a good idea to secure your rentals as soon as possible to ensure a smooth event, so make sure to secure your wedding equipment as soon as you have your venue to avoid any problems down the road.
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