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unsafe unsanitary don't take your kids here or they will get hurt Party Rentals

unsafe unsanitary don't take your k...

Unfortunately I had to put one star on my review but they really don't deserve even one star! Had my son's birthday party there and it was an expensive nightmare! Don’t waste your money even doing open play here . The place was so crowded that you could barely walk between the bounce things, there were even groups of teenagers sitting all in front of the exit to the obstacle course! There were way to many kids on each bounce thing. There was adults jumping down the very tall slide and landing on small children who were getting off at the bottom. There were kids linking arms and going down 5 at a time. There were kids going down head first. At a safe bounce place, there would be attendants walking around making sure the equipment is used correctly. I watch my own child but I can't police other children who are not following the rules. All the other places in town make sure the kids are safe!! They advertise they have a under 2 area . . . well they don't care who goes in there . . . they have a little sign?? there were boys at least 10 in there running around throwing balls and knocked a small child with us down! I could go on and on about how awful this place is! One of the jumpy houses had holes where the wall met the inflatable part . . . that is a broke leg or worse waiting to happen!! The equipment looked old and in bad shape! I contacted the owner about the safety problems and all she said was that she was 2 people short but had all the employees the law required and that she didn't let more then her capacity in?? well, there were 3 employees there . . . one was collecting money at the front and never left the front . . . another employee was catering to a private party and only did that . . . and the owner was "running" the parties in the public area, she wasn't very friendly and wasn't very helpful but I could forgive that if the place was safe for the kids . . . I even told the man up front (since I didn't know our rude waitress was the owner at the time) about how unsafe things were and he said he would do something about it but never moved!! We paid $143 for some cheap paper plates, a table cloth, balloons, cheap cups, so so pizza delivered half hour before had to leave (not enough time to eat), warm 2 liter drinks, ice in a nasty looking cooler, and cheap balloons!! Wow!! They nickeled and dimed you to death and it was not worth it at all!! In addition to unsafe, it was also unsanitary! You are required to go into the bathrooms without shoes and with your socks on and the place is gross. There was pee all over the floor, toilet paper in one stall, and no paper towels to dry hands!! So the kids go in there and pee and then track pee all over the carpet and the bounce equipment!! Don't go there! We had 7 kids and 3 of them got hurt and that is not counting the kids that may come down with something from the dirty condition of the place!! I told the owner about the injuries and she said that no told her and normally they are the first to know . . . we didn't say anything because fortunately they were not serious injuries plus we were forced to sign a waiver to get in so what would the owner care about injuries?? they didn't care that the place was unsafe when i told them so why would injuries matter? In fact, the owner just gave me the names and addresses of other bounce houses that we should go to if we are looking for place that is safe and not so crowded!! She said she is always over crowded when there is bad weather . . . it was nice out except for a brief drizzle early in the day . . normally people do go to a indoor place during bad weather or winter but you don't expect it to be packed out the door and you don't expect your children to be unsafe THEY HAVE YOU SIGN A WAIVER IN CASE YOU GET HURT FOR A REASON . . . THINK ABOUT IT!!


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Smoky Mountain Entertainment

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Astro Events of Knoxville

Our premier experts know that you need the most stunning Inflatables for your party, and Astro Events of Knoxville always provides the very best.

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A Party Place

When trying to find affordable Inflatables and other items for your next party, make sure you work with A Party Place, considered one of the most motivated event rental service companies in the area.



If you are trying to plan an event in Knoxville, take off some of the pressure and let BOUNCE USA INFLATABLE FUN CENTER act as your party rental company by helping with impressive Carnival Games and other rental needs needed.


2018 Wedding Costs in Knoxville

Over the last 12 months, local brides have reported an average budget of for Party Rentals when planning their Knoxville weddings.

This is than the national average
of $4211 budgeted for these wedding costs.

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If you are trying to plan an event in Knoxville, take off some of the pressure and let BOUNCE USA INFLATABLE FUN CENTER act as your party rental company by helping with impressive Carnival Games and other rental needs needed.

Safari Party Biz Party Rentals

Safari Party Biz

If you want to have an exceptional party, you need an outstanding local corporate party supply service like the pros at Safari Party Biz for sublime Photo Booths that you can afford.

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By getting in contact with our positive team of rental experts at Jumps N More, you've taken the first step in reserving the most fabulous Photo Booths and more you need to make your gathering great.

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The Lounge

Make sure that you rely on The Lounge for sophisticated Casino Equipment and other event rentals in Knoxville. Our acclaimed staff works hard to make you happy.

lord lindsey catering Party Rentals

lord lindsey catering

By relying on lord lindsey catering for high caliber Casino Equipment and all of your rental needs, you can trust that our smart staffers will make sure everything will go off without a hitch.


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