Changing your name after getting married can be quite challenging and time consuming, but luckily, there are businesses in Seattle that can help. Although you are likely busy planning all of the wedding details, it’s a good idea to get your paperwork in order so that once the big day arrives, it will be an easy transition to your new name. The first step before making a name change is to decide what your new married name will be. For many couples, this means hyphenating their spouse’s last name with their own or taking on their name entirely and dropping the maiden name. Some couples opt for the more non-traditional route of creating an entirely new name that both members of the couple share. No matter how you choose to go about it, it’s important that you complete all the necessary steps to change your name in Seattle as quickly as possible once you are legally married. This includes changing your name on all government issued ID’s, including your social security card and driver’s license, and notifying your bank, credit cards, insurance and anyone else that you do business with of your new name. To change your name after getting married in Seattle, contact a local name change service, who will help you manage the paperwork and ensure that you have contacted everyone who needs to be informed of your new legal married name.
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