When planning a wedding, it´s easy to forget about some of the smaller details, like changing your name after the wedding. Getting ready for changing to your new married name soon after the ceremony has taken place is the best way to stay on top of what can be a complicated process. Hiring a wedding name change service in the San Diego area can help ensure you complete all the necessary paperwork to make the change legal. While the prospect of changing your name may seem romantic, the truth is that it takes a moderate amount of paperwork, photocopies and in-person appearances to change your name on government issued IDs, financial information, employment records and more. Once your marriage license has been signed and the ceremony has taken place, it´s time to think about changing your name on items like your passport, driver´s license, credit cards and debit cards. Make sure that you don´t miss a thing by hiring a San Diego wedding name change service who will prepare all of the forms, letters and other items that you´ll need to make your name change official. It´s the best way to be prepared to legally change to your new married name as quickly as possible once you have become officially married.
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