When you are deeply immersed in wedding planning, it can be easy to put off some of the other details, like changing your name. Changing your name after getting married may just seem romantic, but it's actually quite a process that requires filing paperwork and sending a copy of the marriage license to your bank, credit companies, landlord and any government entities that have your old name (including the DMV and social security). Hiring a wedding name change service in Dallas is the best way to get through the process. In addition to helping change the big stuff, like your driver's license and passport details, they can also make sure that all of those other places are covered too, like any subscriptions, your phone bill and even your cable account. No matter where you need your name changed, your wedding name change service has got you covered, with all the forms, documents and information you need to ensure a complete name change. Once you've got your license in hand, it's time to start changing your name! Don't hesitate too long after the wedding to start this important process - hire a wedding name change service in Dallas to help you get the ball rolling long before the wedding takes place. That's the best way to ensure you'll have all your bases covered once you are ready to officially transition to your new married name.
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