If you are getting married in Chicago and are planning on changing your name, then consider hiring a professional name change service to make the process easier. Changing to your new married name in Chicago is an exciting prospect, but it’s also very time consuming. Figuring out where and how to change your name on everything from your passport to store credit cards can be tricky, but Chicago name change companies can be a big help. The easiest way to make your name change as smooth as possible is to work with the pros, who can help you file the proper paperwork and can make sure that you’ve updated all of your records with your married name. Professional name change services have checklists that make it easy to stay organized, and access to all of the forms that you’ll need to update your ID and other personal items. To make the process even easier, start gathering your paperwork before you actually get married. As the wedding gets closer and once it has ended, you may be too overwhelmed to think about updating your name, but it’s important to do it soon after the ceremony. Working with a name change service ensures you’ll have everything filed in a timely manner, so that you can start using your new legal name as quickly as possible.
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