Selecting the perfect wedding band for your New York City wedding is an important step in creating the ideal atmosphere for your special day. Whether you are planning a hip wedding in Soho with a jazz quartet, or are looking for a full band for a hotel wedding in Manhattan, your wedding band helps brings all of your guests together in celebration. When choosing a band for your wedding, think about your venue size, your personal music preferences and your budget. Before getting your heart set on a full salsa band or a local swing band, consider how big your venue is and if it can support the electrical and space needs. While there´s nothing like a live band to get wedding guests moving, it´s important to select a wedding band that will compliment your NYC wedding - not overtake it. When it comes to the type of music, think about what music is the most special to you and what kind of wedding you are having. If you are planning a festive affair with dancing and the traditional wedding reception activities or are looking for a more subdued event, your wedding band can help you make it happen. From the music that is played during the ceremony, to the sounds that your guests hear when they leave the reception, hiring talented musicians for your wedding helps make any wedding even more special.
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