No wedding is complete without a romantic honeymoon to help you unwind from the chaos that comes with getting married. If you are planning on having your honeymoon in the Seattle area, there are plenty of romantic options, including hotels that offer waterfront views and sweeping views of the downtown area, and plenty of out of the way areas that offer quiet places to wind down after the big day. Once you have secured your wedding venue, it’s a good idea to start planning your Seattle honeymoon. For the most convenient option, choose a hotel that is close to your venue so that you can easily get there once the reception has ended - the last thing you want to do after a full day of festivities is spend your time in traffic before you can relax! Many couples opt for a night or two in the city before jetting off to a tropical locale for an extended stay, while others prefer to take in the beauty of the Pacific Northwest at a local resort. If you prefer a more private location, many of the region’s islands and outdoor areas offer supreme accommodations and a high level of privacy, so that you can unwind in style with your new spouse. When it comes to your honeymoon in Seattle, there is plenty to do and see, just remember to plan ahead as many of the most popular hotels and attractions to fill up early.

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