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Do NOT Hire This Company! Florists

Do NOT Hire This Company!

First of all, the pictures posted on this site were from my wedding, and I want to make sure that everyone knows that the vision here, and all the pictures you see, were not the vision of my wedding planner. They were all my ideas, and not my wedding planner's. Yet it makes me so angry to know she is posting these pictures because I absolutely did NOT enjoy my experience with this company. The following is a complete review I filled out about my experience and gave to the company after hiring them for my wedding. It explains all of my frustrations and complaints. 1. Did you enjoy your planning experience with your consultant? Why or why not? I did not enjoy the planning experience with my consultant. -At our first meeting, she answered her phone several times, some of which were her husband asking when she was going to be home, and I felt like I was an inconvenience at that point. -She also did not do my invitations the way I asked her to in regards to the RSVP card. She also was not a very good communicator. -When she asked a question sometimes, it would take her a long time to ask them, and she asked them in a manner that was not clear and so I had to have her ask it again. -I would tell her things I wanted her to do, and she would not take notes, so she would either forget what I asked her to do, or she would have to contact me again to ask a question that I had already explained to her previously. -I asked her one of the times I went to see her if she had any questions or clarifications she needed, and she said no. And yet not five minutes after I left her house, she was texting me with questions she forgot to ask, or a question she had for me that I had already answered several minutes before. -I wanted her to do the programs, and she couldn’t get them to turn out well, so I didn’t trust her to do them. Because she couldn’t do the programs, and because she messed up my invitations, I didn’t trust her to do any of the other projects that I wanted her to do. -Other vendors I was in contact with said that when they were on the phone with her, they heard her husband, her kids, and the TV in the background, yet she did not move to a quieter place in the house. -She did not get all of the things done at my wedding that I wanted her to and my family and friends had to help finish the set-up and clean-up of the reception or else it would not have been done in time. -She also did not leave the venue until after 9:30 pm on the day of my wedding, when the rest of my family and friends had left by 7:00, and the contract for the venue said everyone was supposed to be gone by 8:00 pm. My parents received a phone call that same night asking my parents to try and get my wedding planners to leave because they had already been asked to leave. -One of my bridesmaids had to go find the wedding planner and ask if we were going to start the wedding, because it was a couple of minutes before it started, and the wedding planner had not come and had us line up yet, so we had to do it ourselves. -The officiant was told the wrong place to stand in line with the wedding party, and she had to be moved at the last second. -She did not make sure that the sound system would run smoothly, and so the reception went horribly, and did not go smoothly at all. -One of the other wedding planners made my mother so upset that she cried and wanted to ask both women to leave, but she didn’t do that because one of them was my boss (at the time). -The venue coordinator was so frustrated with the wedding planners that she at one point asked my mother in an upset tone, “Where did Brianna find these women?” and my mother also mistakenly found out that the wedding planners were over an hour late when they were supposed to be at the venue before the wedding rehearsal. -One of the planners also called my florist and asked to reduce the cost of the flowers, even though I asked her not to do that. -When my husband and I were introduced at the reception, one of the coordinators did not even pronounce the last name correctly, even after the officiant correctly pronounced it at the end of the ceremony! That is just completely unacceptable! Especially when I have been in contact with them so much. They should have asked how to pronounce Buzar. -One of my planners asked my husband a question about when to do cake, even though they had the schedule with them. And my husband told them he didn’t know how things were supposed to run, so they should not have asked him anyways. They should have asked me. -My father felt so bad for me at how badly things went at the reception, he actually cried the next morning and told me how sorry he was for me that I had to deal with all of that. Some of the things that were ok about the experience were: -Some conversations were good, and sometimes she seemed organized. -They were understanding about things when I could not get them information because my husband and his parents had not found out the information yet. -They got me a bit of a refund for the sound system, even though after talking to the manager at the rental company, it sounds like the only reason it didn’t run smoothly was because of user error, which again makes me think that they did not practice the sound system well enough before using it. -They made calls that I wasn’t comfortable making, like the call to cancel the original caterer. -They saved me money on the new caterer, however the new caterer did not give a nice presentation over-all, and did not have proper utensils for guests to serve themselves the food. -When I was struggling with emotional problems with my mother, they made me feel better. But once I heard how upset they made my mother, and how they blew her off when she would ask them questions, that made me very angry. How would you rate your overall experience with her on a scale of 1 to 10? (1 being terrible and 10 being excellent) I would rate the experience a 3/10 because only some things were done well, but because of how horribly the reception went and how angry I was, and how much my family was sad and angry because of the women and how much the other vendors were frustrated with my coordinators, I would say there were way more negative things about the experience than there were positive. And I would NOT recommend this company to others. I would have expected things to run completely smoothly and for things to have been done much sooner that they were considering the owner of the company was there helping and had many years of experience. 2. How well did your consultant keep you on schedule throughout your planning? Tell me about it. -They helped me by giving reminder emails, which was good. Those helped me remember to get certain tasks accomplished if I had not already completed them. -But sometimes the emails or the text messages only stressed me out more because my husband and his parents couldn’t get things done on time. How would you rate her scheduling and coordinating abilities on a scale of 1 to 10? (1 being terrible and 10 being excellent) I would rate them a 5/10 on scheduling abilities. 3. How well did your consultant keep you on budget? Tell me about it. -They helped me save money in catering, and on the music. However, the caterers did not have a very good presentation, and the music (as I mentioned before) proved to be the main problem at the reception and caused the reception to not flow smoothly. How would you rate her overall budgeting abilities on a scale of 1 to 10? (1 being terrible and 10 being excellent) -I would rate them a 5/10 because while they did save me money, I had to sacrifice quality, and it was not worth it to me in the end. 4. How prepared and organized was your consultant throughout the planning process? Tell me about it. -She did not take notes when I told her things -When I asked if she had questions for me, she said she didn’t, and then she texted me many questions (I had already answered) several minutes after I left. -She brought her notebook to the meeting with the venue coordinator, which proved to be helpful. -When we met, some of the times she would have questions prepared for me -I was told by some of my other vendors that when they asked her a question, she took a very long time to find the answer, which to me shows that she was not well organized. -On the wedding day, they were supposed to come and get me for the reveal photo, and they were supposed to come get me to line the bridal party. But I had to have my bridesmaids go find them to keep us on track with the schedule. -They also took too long to leave the venue, which makes me assume they were not organized enough to get out of the venue when they were supposed to. How would you rate her overall organization and preparedness on a scale of 1 to 10? (1 being always unprepared and unorganized and 10 being always organized and prepared for anything) -I would rate the organization a 5/10. 5. How well did your consultant communicate with you during the whole process? Was she clear, professional and respectful? Was she a good listener? Tell me about it. -It seemed like it took her a while sometimes to process my questions -I asked her if there would be a plug-in for the iPod for the Quebbie box, and she said yes, and it turns out there was not a cord for the iPod. So she did not ask the rental company the right question, and as a result, she was not prepared at the reception. -I don’t think she was a great listener, because as I stated before, I would tell her things, and she would not take notes, so she would have to ask me questions that I had already answered. -She would not tell me she had already set up a time with my vendor, and so when she asked me if a certain time worked for me, I called my vendor to see if it worked for her, and she told me that Cindy had already called her. So Cindy should have told me that in the email she sent to me -She would send me some emails with updates on things she had done -When I met with her the first time, she answered her phone many times. -My other vendors told me that when they were on the phone with her, her children, her husband, and the TV were very loud in the background, so it was hard to hear. -At the wedding, I asked her to turn up the volume several times because we could not hear the Quebbie, and each time, she never turned it up loud enough, which then made her have to repeat the announcements. -The other coordinator was a good listener to me. However, I was told by my mother that when my mother would make comments to the coordinator, the coordinator would pretty much blow my mother off, and my mother was so upset by how she was treated, that she wanted to ask both the coordinators to leave on my wedding day, but my mother didn’t because one of the coordinators was my boss. How would you rate her overall ability to communicate on a scale of 1 to 10? (1 being needs a great deal of work on communication and 10 being a great communicator) -I would rate her a 5/10 6. Was your consultant professional at all times in dress, communication, relationships, and paperwork? Did you feel like you were working with a professional? Tell me about it. -I did not feel like I was dealing with a professional. Her attire was semi-professional at best, even when she was not pregnant. -It was obvious this was her first wedding, so I did not feel like I was dealing with a professional. -She tried to sound professional, but it was obvious when she did not know answers to my questions -As for paperwork, she seemed to keep contracts organized, which was good How would you rate your consultant’s overall professionalism on a scale of 1 to 10? (1 being totally unprofessional and 10 being totally professional) -I would rate her professionalism a 4/10. She really needs to make her wardrobe more professional, and she needs to improve her communication skills. 7. How well did your consultant problem-solve when any problems or difficulties arose? Did you even notice any problems? -Whenever she had to problem-solve, she would tell me she’d have to ask her boss questions, which was many times. This again demonstrated to me she was not ready to handle wedding planning completely on her own. -Many times she would say “ummmmm” if I asked her a question she did not know the answer to, which did not sound professional at all. -At the reception, it was very obvious that she and the other consultant did not know how to work the Quebbie, which they informed me that they would, and so she did not problem-solve that problem well at all. How would you rate your consultant’s problem-solving abilities on a scale of 1 to 10? (1 being no problem-solving skills and 10 being handled all with ease or never even saw any problems) -I would rate her problem-solving abilities as a 4/10. 8. Was your consultant available to you when you needed her? Did she return your communication promptly? -She did not respond promptly to the emails I sent her. Instead of responding in 24 hours, many times I would have to wait 2 or 3 days before I heard back from her. -If I texted her, she was pretty good about getting back to me on the same day -The other consultant was good about getting answers back to me. She was much more prompt than Cindy. How would you rate her availability to you on a scale of 1 to 10? (1 being never available and 10 being always there for you) -I would rate her availability as a 5/10 9. Did you like the vendors she recommended for you? Do you feel like she understood what you needed and were asking for? Did she accurately identify your vendor needs? -The Quebbie instead of DJ was completely frustrating and upsetting. It ruined my reception. -The caterer was good as far as the taste of food, but they did not have the right utensils to serve the food, the salad was cheap lettuce, and the overall presentation was boring. How would you rate her ability to identify the right vendors for you on a scale of 1 to 10? (1 being didn’t understand me at all and 10 being knew exactly what I needed) -The vendors she recommended I would rate a 5/10. She tried to save me money on the Quebbie, and she knew I liked Italian food, but the quality of the vendors was not great. 10. How did you feel about the end result? Did your wedding day turn out like you wanted? I was very frustrated about the end result of my wedding. I was told that my coordinators did not finish the things they were supposed to be in charge of, so my venue coordinator and my family and friends had to help set-up and clean-up. My reception was awful. Starting with the fact that one of the coordinators could not even pronounce my new last name correctly. The Quebbie box did not work as it was supposed to. Cindy changed when the cake was supposed to be cut and served. I felt like I had to go and seek out my coordinators to keep the reception going. Cindy was too busy serving herself food to make sure that the Quebbie was working like it was supposed to, and to make sure we were sticking to the schedule. I could not even see Victoria, so I don’t even know what she was doing during the reception. How would you rate her overall budgeting abilities on a scale of 1 to 10? (1 being not at all what I wanted and 10 being everything I could have asked for) -I did most of the wedding planning before I hired this company, so for the few vendors they recommended, I would say that they did a nice job saving me money, but again I had to sacrifice quality, so the savings were not worth it. 5/10 11. Did your consultant go above and beyond in any area(s) of your wedding? What were your favorite moments? They did not go above and beyond in areas of my wedding. I was extremely disappointed and frustrated with both of them on the day of the wedding. 12. Is there any area in particular where your consultant really needs more training or that she needs to work on? -She comments in previous answers. Any additional comments: I wish I never hired this company. Their recommendations only made things worse at the reception. My other vendors were frustrated with Cindy, as well as Victoria. I am also very upset with how my mother was treated on the day of the wedding. I am so glad I did not have them do smoothies at my wedding, because I can only imagine how that would have made things worse, and how so many other things would not have been done on time if they would’ve had to worry about smoothies. It came across that Victoria and Cindy were both in over their heads with my wedding, and they did not execute my wedding well at all. They talked the talk, but they did NOT walk the walk. Wedding Date = July 14, 2012 Your Consultant’s Name = Cindy Strahan and Victoria Kelly Total Score from the ratings you gave above in #s 1-10 46/100


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