You may not realize it, but the lighting at your wedding is what really sets the tone for the whole event. The right lighting can completely update the look of an older venue or can add a romantic hue to large, open spaces. Using lighting to transform a space is a wonderful way to add excitement, romance and fun to your special day. Chicago has some incredibly talented lighting professionals who know what it takes to light any wedding, big or small. From large weddings held in one of the beautiful hotels downtown, to smaller celebrations that are held in one of the city’s many historical venues, making arrangements for lighting should be an important consideration when planning a wedding. When thinking about wedding lighting, consider what time of year you are getting married and what type of natural and artificial light is available in your venue. While some venues have their own in-house lighting department, most rely on outside vendors to provide special event lighting. Be sure to check out what your venue has in terms of wedding lighting and then work with an expert in Chicago to see what needs to be added. Whether you are getting married in the morning, afternoon or evening, the right lights will help you achieve the most beautiful setting for your special event.
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