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  • Delivered by Grace Catering

    Delivered by Grace

    Fairfield, CA

    Delivered by Grace is a small, family run business created by Chef Amanda Grace. Our mission is to serve our clients a home cooked meal with clean, bold, and simple flavors. We aim to provide a comfortable, personable setting where you can enjoy a delicious meal created by a professional chef. Chef Amanda Grace graduated from Le Cordon Bleu College of Culinary Arts in October of 2011. She is French classically trained and holds a diploma in Culinary Arts, as well as being ServSafe certified, and insured. Her cooking style includes dishes that are simple and focus on the ingredients with clean, bold flavors. She believes in creating customized menus that fit each client's individual and personal needs. Chef Amanda Grace found her love of food in her grandma, Gracie's, kitchen. Her grandma helped lay the foundation of her culinary career and later inspired her to pursue her passion, making her dream of professional cooking a reality.

  • Taste of Paradise Catering

    Taste of Paradise

    Oakland, CA

    Many happy couples agree that with the fabulous catering buffets from Taste of Paradise, you're guaranteed to get an unforgettable Middle Eastern menu prepared for your gathering. Call now for details.

  • Haunted by Chocolate Catering

    Haunted by Chocolate

    Martinez, CA

    Let the creative staff at Haunted by Chocolate in Fairfield meet and exceed all of your expectations by hiring their marriage catering services to serve their exquisite menu selection at your upcoming event.

  • Bon Vivant Catering and Event Productions Catering

    Bon Vivant Catering and Event Produ...

    Livermore, CA

    For professional or social gatherings in Fairfield, great catering really makes a difference. Get absolute the most authentic American cuisine from the clever catering businesses at Bon Vivant Catering and Event Productions now.

  • East Bay Catering Company Catering

    East Bay Catering Company

    Oakland, CA

    In addition to the most delicious Italian dishes created by an established Fairfield based wedding caterer service, East Bay Catering Company also provides Wait Staff for your convenience.

  • Royal Court Catering Confections Catering

    Royal Court Catering Confections

    Hayward, CA

    Serve delectable American or other dishes for your wedding day when you select Royal Court Catering Confections as your local caterer. Call our visionary staff now for more information.

  • Polkadot Dinners Catering

    Polkadot Dinners

    Fair Oaks, CA

    At Polkadot Dinners, their artistic buffet caterers can deliver a unique selection of Sushi entrees and other food. Call now to discuss your needs with our responsive and skillful staff.

  • Naan India Grill Catering

    Naan India Grill

    Fair Oaks, CA

    Finding the right catering company to serve Indian or other food at your Fairfield function is easy when you start your search with Naan India Grill. Espresso / Cappuccino Bar also available as well upon request.

  • Polished Servers Catering

    Polished Servers

    Daly City, CA

    When looking for a positive caterer business around Fairfield that can do it all when it comes to Seafood catering and more, look no further than Polished Servers and let their well respected staff do the work for you.

  • Addys Paella Catering

    Addys Paella

    Lodi, CA

    Planning an event with Addys Paella is easy when you can get the most trained local wedding catering services around Fairfield right here at Addys Paella, always providing Wait Staff for added appeal.

  • LADA CATERING Catering


    Martinez, CA

    Let the time tested lunch caterers at LADA CATERING take care of the details on your wedding day. From delicious and scrumptious Barbeque dishes to Bartending Staff, they have it all.

  • American Natural Food and Cafe Catering

    American Natural Food and Cafe

    Emeryville, CA

    Really impress your guests with delicious Spanish dishes when you choose the top notch catering places from American Natural Food and Cafe to serve your event with world class food service, detail minded servers, Wait Staff, and more.

  • Chic Le Chef Catering

    Chic Le Chef

    Hidden Valley Lake, CA

    Your guests will always remember the amiable corporate caterers at Chic Le Chef, with their unforgettable food and versatile staff attuned to the needs of your guests.

  • Royal Raspberry Catering Catering

    Royal Raspberry Catering

    Alameda, CA

    If you want to be served by the most trusted wedding and event caterers found anywhere in Fairfield, then look no further than Royal Raspberry Catering and leave your guests happy.

  • Fuddruckers Catering


    Concord, CA

    Let the first rate staff at Fuddruckers in Fairfield meet and exceed all of your expectations by hiring their caterers for events to serve their exquisite Box Lunch menu selection at your upcoming event.

  • Local Love Vegan Catering Catering

    Local Love Vegan Catering

    Oakland, CA

    Get ready to wow your guests and make your wedding day a real hit with the great and brilliant corporate caterers at Local Love Vegan Catering working hard to make your special day unforgettable.

  • espresso subito Catering

    espresso subito

    Kensington, CA

    For casual or formal occasions, your guests will love the delicious options when you choose a American menu prepared by the efficient chefs at espresso subito, with Bartending Staff and other services also available upon request.

  • California Barbeque and Catering Catering

    California Barbeque and Catering

    Carmichael, CA

    You'll get a noted planning service with a wide and rich selection of Vegetarian food items and more to choose from California Barbeque and Catering. Our event and wedding caterer will make sure your guests are completely impressed with your choice.

  • Hilton Garden Inn Catering

    Hilton Garden Inn

    Elk Grove, CA

    Choose Hilton Garden Inn as marriage catering service to your upcoming function and relax as their credentialed staff prepare the most delicious Cajun menu items around. Wait Staff available as an option.

  • AROMA of Sacramento Catering

    AROMA of Sacramento

    Fair Oaks, CA

    For formal, casual, and everything in between, AROMA of Sacramento has an amazing team of #PROFESSIONLA event caterers that can deliver the highest quality and delish Italian menu options for your event.

  • Duran Catering Catering

    Duran Catering

    Oakland, CA

    The sensational engagement catering services at Duran Catering deliver the highest quality and flavorful Mexican food items anywhere around Fairfield, hands down. Call now for details.

  • A Whole Latte Love Catering

    A Whole Latte Love

    Fair Oaks, CA

    A Whole Latte Love in Fairfield is well-known for their sublime and creative service, excellent American food items and options like Champagne Service designed to make your day perfect.

  • Tea with Friends Catering

    Tea with Friends

    Livermore, CA

    When throwing any big party around Fairfield, choose the insightful corporate caterers at Tea with Friends and they will make sure your event will be unforgettable. Call now for more fun details.

  • Downtown Catering Catering

    Downtown Catering

    Oakland, CA

    Your event is guaranteed to be a major hit if you choose the aware marriage caterers from Downtown Catering, with their Bartending Staff and other options available if desired.

  • Glen Ellen Inn Restaurant Cottages Catering

    Glen Ellen Inn Restaurant Cottages

    Glen Ellen, CA

    Create an unforgettable event when you choose Glen Ellen Inn Restaurant Cottages to help plan it. Their superb wedding and engagement catering services will put together an amazing American menu that no one will forget.

  • Bacheesos Catering


    Berkeley, CA

    Party planners in Fairfield are raving about the delectable Barbeque menu selections and detail oriented Bartending Staff available from Bacheesos. Call us now for availability.

  • Amiccis Catering Company Catering

    Amiccis Catering Company

    Lodi, CA

    Give your guests an experience to remember when you choose Amiccis Catering Company to do your catering. a recommended event catering company will put together a spectacular Southern Food menu that no one will forget.

  • Chef Tanya Catering

    Chef Tanya

    Daly City, CA

    Let our effective staff serve the most flavorful food just the way you like it. Chef Tanya in Fairfield has a reputation of the event and wedding caterers that will always deliver as promised.

  • The Century House and Gardens Catering

    The Century House and Gardens

    Fremont, CA

    With a plethora of sophisticated bridal catering services available in the area, The Century House and Gardens has created a reputation for excellence with their great prices and knowledgeable service.

  • Cabana Daves Catering Catering

    Cabana Daves Catering

    Livermore, CA

    You've put a lot into planning your event so let the reliable caterer businesses at Cabana Daves Catering take care of your guests with Greek entrees prepared by their always multitalented staff.