Choosing your wedding dress is one of the most important decisions you´ll make when planning a wedding. As a fashion capital of the world, New York City has an amazing selection of wedding dresses that come in a range of prices and styles. From top designers offering the hottest trends in bridal wear, to low-priced dresses and unique vintage styles, there are dress options in NYC for even the pickiest shoppers. Don´t forget about the wedding party, as they need to look their best too! NYC has a variety of special occasion shops, department stores and specialty boutiques that can help make your wedding party look amazing on the big day and for years to come in the wedding photos. When shopping for a wedding dress for your NYC wedding, consider where you will be getting married and pick a style that is appropriate. A fitted, strapless designer gown, for example, may be perfect for a glamorous cocktail reception or sit-down dinner at a restaurant, but the same dress wouldn´t be suitable for a traditional church wedding. Keep in mind your venue, time of year and your personal style when looking for a dress, and you´ll be able to find the perfect match for your big day.
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