If you are looking for the perfect wedding dress and wedding party attire, then Chicago is a wonderful place to be. The city has a large range of wedding gowns that range from inexpensive, off the rack types, to more expensive designer gowns. There are many bridal salons to choose from in Chicago and most of them sell wedding party attire too, making it easy to pick out everything you need. Whether you are looking for a modern, chic design or want something a little more unique and whimsical, you’ll find some great options in Chicago. The perfect dress for you is something that not only reflects your individual personality and style, but that also fits into the overall theme of the wedding. Make sure that your dress is appropriate for the time of year, location and style, as you don’t want to choose a long sleeve, traditional style for a humid Chicago summer wedding or a thin, elegant style during the cold winter months. While your dress should make you feel beautiful, it should also be comfortable and relatively easy to wear. The same goes for the wedding party attire, which can be as subdued or as flashy as you want. When everyone get to wear something that makes them feel good it shows, and it will be long remembered in wedding photos and videos. Makes sure that you create beautiful memories by choosing a wedding dress and wedding party attire that you love in Chicago.