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I got a groupon to Status as a gift. Six visits for laser hair removal. From my very first visit they told me "the upper lip is the most difficult area to remove hair from". Okay, so I researched. Six visits should have at least thinned out the hair on my upper lip, and many said it should have been enough so that when finished I should just need maintenance. I was given my first three appointments (spread out 5 weeks apart) when I made my very first phone call. After my second appointment, when I complained that not a single hair had fallen out, the receptionist said my appointments were way to close together. "No one should have ever scheduled all these appointments so close together".....exact words. So, she cancelled my third appointment and put it 8 weeks out! At this rate it will take me 5 years to see any results. After my third appointment (still no hair fell out) they made my future appointments closer together, 1 per month. There was a new technician on almost every visit. 4 different ones in all. After 11 months, eight sessions and almost NO significant hair loss, I am telling the newest technician that I am extremely disappointed and starting to think they don't use very much current in their machines at all. She asks me if I take any Biotin. I said yes, I started about three months earlier. She said that Biotin promotes hair growth and that is why the hair is not falling out. Well, it sounds logical, but that does not explain the first 6 months of no hair loss when I was not taking Biotin. So now the technician gives me a "super" treatment. She said this was like three treatments in one. Well, why wasn't I getting that sooner? The people at Status Body Studio NEVER gave me a single instruction other than to stay out of the sun the day of treatment, use cold compress if red and swollen and never tweeze again, only cut or trim hair growth. I was never red, swollen or sore! I hardly ever felt anything. The only other thing they asked me on the very first visit was if I was using any Alpha Hydroxy product. Don't you think that the Biotin question was important enough for any of the three previous "Technicians" (including Tarah, the owner) to have mentioned to me! Here is all I've read that they NEVER told me. You are supposed to shave or clip right before treatment, don't use abrasive cleansers right after, don't exfoliate for at least a week, don't shave or clip for at least a week after, use sunscreen. Wash area with gentle soap/cleanser and hand/finger tips (no washcloth/loofah) for first 7 days. You may shower after the laser treatments, and use soap, deodorant, etc. Skin should be patted dry and NOT rubbed for at least 7 days. I WAS NEVER GIVEN ANY OF THIS INFORMATION! They are very nice and very laid back, but they have no protocol and the entire office is run with little to no experience. They are the EXACT example of what all the warnings say to avoid when choosing a laser hair removal professional. These "spa" hair removal companies have little to no official regulations, guidelines or supervision. They can literally take an 8 day training class and become certified! My personal opinion is, they want to sell more laser treatments past the 6 received with the groupon (which they did) and therefore they use little to no strength on the first 4-5 treatments and then on the last treatment give you full strength so you think it's finally working and come back for more. I still need the hair removed, so I have an appointment with my dermatologist and hopefully I will be posting how much better the outcome is!


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Mary Kay Cosmetics Plano Beauty Salons and Spas

Mary Kay Cosmetics Plano

Don't sweat anything on your big day; let the experienced beauty professionals at Mary Kay Cosmetics Plano handle your Makeup Artist needs with ease.

Hair by Evelia Beauty Salons and Spas

Hair by Evelia

We have established our superior wedding beauty Hair Stylist in Allen, and we have the references to prove it.

Henna by Afshan Beauty Salons and Spas

Henna by Afshan

If you want to show your intended just how beautiful you can be, our beauty experts and services at Henna by Afshan can make it happen.

Rockwall Salons Beauty Salons and Spas

Rockwall Salons

Elegant dress, venue, and menu? Make sure your look matches with Rockwall Salons Hair Stylist services by beauty professionals in Allen.

The Evelyn Kershaw Salon Beauty Salons and Spas

The Evelyn Kershaw Salon

If you are looking for superior Hair Stylist services, choose the talented and experienced professional wedding beauty experts at The Evelyn Kershaw Salon.

All Dolled Up Makeup and Hair Studio Beauty Salons and Spas

All Dolled Up Makeup and Hair Studi...

We know how to make you look absolutely gorgeous at All Dolled Up Makeup and Hair Studio, and we have the professional references to prove it.


2018 Wedding Costs in Allen

Over the last 12 months, local brides have reported an average budget of for Beauty Salons And Spas when planning their Allen weddings.

This is than the national average
of $153 budgeted for these wedding costs.

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Perfect in Beauty Makeup Beauty Salons and Spas

Perfect in Beauty Makeup

The talented beauty makeover experts at Allen's Perfect in Beauty Makeup offer Tanning services for weddings, prom, quinceaneras, and other formal events.

Salon SX Beauty Salons and Spas

Salon SX

Do you want to look amazing on your wedding day? If so, Salon SX wedding beauty experts know how to make you look amazing.

Makeup Logic Beauty Salons and Spas

Makeup Logic

Stay relaxed on your special day and let the clever and competent freelance beauty artists handle your Makeup Artist needs.

DDR Salon Elegance Beauty Salons and Spas

DDR Salon Elegance

We want your day to be extra special, so DDR Salon Elegance offers a wide range of Facials services in Allen.

Salon Zaina Beauty Salons and Spas

Salon Zaina

Take your look from simple to stunning with Day Spa Package services handled by the wedding beauty experts at Salon Zaina.

Suite Eden Makeup Artistry Beauty Salons and Spas

Suite Eden Makeup Artistry

Suite Eden Makeup Artistry offers a wide range of Makeup Artist in the Allen area. Relax and let our freelance wedding beauty experts handle everything.

meHD Skincare and Makeup Studio Beauty Salons and Spas

meHD Skincare and Makeup Studio

At meHD Skincare and Makeup Studio our experienced wedding beauty experts have only one goal, to make you look fabulous with our Tanning services in Allen.

Nijia Britt Beauty Salons and Spas

Nijia Britt

If you want to be stunning on your big day, Nijia Britt has experienced bridal beauty experts that can help with Hair Stylist.

Glamorous Lash Beauty Salons and Spas

Glamorous Lash

This business knows exactly what to do to make sure you and the bridal party look absolutely stunning in Allen.


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  • Event: Wedding
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  • Date: 08/11/2018
  • Number of Guests: 300 - 400
  • Service Needed: Makeup Artist
  • Budget: Not Sure
  • Time Needed: Not Sure
  • Type of Beauty Salons And Spas: 3 to 5,Yes,Yes
  • Additional Services: Not Sure
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TC Makeup Beauty Salons and Spas

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Body Wrap Salon Beauty Salons and Spas

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THE BEAUTY CLINIC Beauty Salons and Spas


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Salon Trichotomy Beauty Salons and Spas

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Cinderella Extension Beauty Salons and Spas

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Glamorized by GlamFusion

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Shades of Beauty Makeup Artistry Beauty Salons and Spas

Shades of Beauty Makeup Artistry

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The Face Room Beauty Salons and Spas

The Face Room

At The Face Room we offer many other Hair Stylist services that you just won't find anywhere else so you can stand out on your big day.

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