Choosing a Seattle wedding cake is typically the most delicious party of wedding planning, but it’s important to select something that truly reflects your wedding style and personal preferences. Seattle has many options for gorgeous wedding cakes, making it easy to find something for everyone. Some couples opt for large, multi-tiered works of art, and others prefer smaller options, including cupcakes and sheet cakes. No matter what kind of cake you are looking for, you can find it in Seattle. From traditional wedding cake designs, to non-traditional individual desserts and more, it’s easy to find a size and design that will work for every wedding style and budget. When choosing a wedding cake in Seattle, consider how many guests you will have, your overall style and how much space you will be working with. While a large wedding cake with elaborate decorations is appropriate for large, traditional weddings, they don’t always work in smaller venues, such as restaurants or at home. Having multiple small “mini-cakes”, gourmet cupcakes or customized desserts is a great way to get around a lack of space. Not sure what kind of cake you want or want to get some inspiration for how it should be decorated? Set up a cake testing at a local bakery that specializes in wedding cakes! It’s a fun, stress-free way to pick out the perfect wedding cake or dessert for your big day, and it ensures you’ll be happy with the final product.
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