No wedding planning in San Diego is complete without choosing the perfect wedding cake. San Diego wedding cakes are available in a variety of shapes and delicious flavors. When it comes to your wedding cake, you can be as bold and bright, or as traditional and classic as you want. Today´s wedding cakes vary greatly from couple to couple, with many couples opting to forgo cake altogether for gourmet cupcakes, individual desserts or small, multiple cakes of different shapes. No matter what type of wedding cake or dessert you want for your wedding, don´t forget to schedule a cake tasting to pick out the perfect flavor and plan out the decorations and colors. This is the best way to choose the best flavor combinations and look that your guests will love, and it also ensures that you´ll be serving a delicious cake that will taste as good as it looks. When deciding on your cake size, consider how many guests you are inviting and how large the venue is. You don´t need to serve a four-tiered wedding cake to a small wedding of 20 people, nor do you want to run out of cake by only serving a few tiers to 300 people. An experienced wedding cake creator will help you pick out the right size for your venue and your guest list, so that you get a wedding cake that is both appropriate for the wedding and a beautiful enough for such a special event.