One of the most delicious parts of planning a wedding in San Antonio is choosing your wedding cake! The San Antonio area is home to some of the most incredible bakeries in the state, from local flavors with a Southwestern flair, to more traditional wedding cake designs, making easy to find something amazing for your wedding. Today´s couples have many options available to them when it comes to wedding cakes. From large, multi-tiered cakes with elaborate fondant designs, to basic sheet cakes with simple, yet elegant touches, you truly can have whatever you want for your wedding cake. When choosing a cake, consider how many guests you´ll be having and the style of your wedding. For small to medium-sized weddings, it can be fun to change things up by serving something different from cake, including individual gourmet cupcakes or small hand pies. Larger weddings are the perfect opportunity to pull out all the stops with a wedding cake, with big shapes and elaborate decorations that turn your cake into a work of art. No matter how big or how small of a cake you are looking for, be sure to schedule a cake tasting to determine the best flavor combinations for your guests! This way you´ll know for sure that you´ll be serving something that is delicious and beautiful to your guests on your wedding. Finally, be sure to consider your wedding budget when shopping for cakes, as wedding cake prices do vary from place to place, depending on size and the cake type. No matter what you choose, make sure that it fits in with your wedding style and that it is something that you love. For a more personal touch, consider adding a customized wedding topper, fresh flowers or other additions that can make any wedding cake even more special.