One of the best perks of planning a wedding in the Chicago area is choosing your wedding cake. Chicago is home to a variety of wedding cake experts who can create any type of creation that you are dreaming of, from large four-tiered cakes draped in buttercream flowers, to smaller or individually sized cakes for smaller groups. Planning a wedding in Chicago means you have access to some of the country’s top wedding cake baker and decorators. Not sure where to start? Try scheduling an appointment at one of the local bakeries for a tasting and consultation. You can learn more about the available cakes, options for custom designs and about the different flavor options that are available. Wedding cake tasting isn’t just a fun event, but it’s important to make sure that you are serving a quality cake to your guests. When it comes to your wedding cake, feel free to go as simple or as wild as you want! Today’s wedding cakes in Chicago vary from the most stylish and elegant cakes, to fun cakes decorated in vibrant colors. No matter what kind of cake and look you are going for, you can find someone perfect for the job in Chicago.
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