Decidio Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Have a question about our service or don't understand how something works? Click on any of the questions below to find the answers. If you can't find the answer to your question, you are welcome to contact our support team here.

About Decidio

How do I log into my account?

Click on 'Log In' at the top left corner of your screen and then type in your account's username and password to access your account.

I can't remember my username and password and forgot or have changed the email address I registered with.

If you cannot access your Decidio account and have changed or replaced your registration email address, please contact us at

I can't remember my username or password.

Click on the 'Forgot My Username / Password' link found on the login screen, then enter the email address belonging to the account you registered with. Your username and password will then be emailed to you.

Who is Decidio?

Decidio Inc. is the world's leading provider of targeted information on community- based commerce. Our customized search application is specifically designed to provide the kind of real-world relevancy through personalized search results that benefit both the customer interested in a service and the business supplying that service.

About Search Area

How are my search results determined?

The order of search results on Decidio are based on a variety of factors, including (but not limited to) proximity to customers, number of reviews from previous customers, level of activity, and several other factors.


Can I register my business under more than one service?

Yes! Businesses whose accounts have been previously closed may re-register with Decidio at any time by contacting our support team at and requesting reactivation.

Do I need a website to apply?

NO. It is not necessary to have a website. If your business has a website, you are welcome to increase your traffic by exchanging links with Decidio.

Does it cost anything to join?

No. Participation in Decidio's marketplace is and always will be free.

How does a customer go about seeing my profile?

Customers in your area will be able to learn about your business by performing a search through our website. Our filters and search preferences ensure that only local customers needing your product or service will be able to view your profile.

How soon after I submit my application will my business be seen in the search area of Decidio?

Once your account registration is completed, your business listing will appear in Decidio's search area within 24 hours. You will also be able to log into your account with your username and password immediately after you complete the registration process.

How soon do I need to apply?

We don't want to pressure you, but apply now! If you are located in a major city, there are hundreds of people every day that can view your profile. Every day that passes can mean another lost opportunity for your business. How many of those can you afford?

If I have any questions, will you help me?

Decidio only succeeds when you do. The Decidio support team are available to answer any questions you might have. We are with you every step of the way!

Is the information contained in my profile permanent?

No. You may update the information in your account as often as you wish. In fact, we encourage businesses registered with us to log into their accounts and change their customer targeting preferences often to see which approaches gives them the best results!

What if I want to suggest an industry I don't see on the site index list?

There are new industry categories added to Decidio on a regular basis. If you feel that your industry complements our existing community of businesses, please contact us with your suggestion.

What if my business is not located in the United States?

Currently, only businesses that operate within the United States can create business profiles on Decidio. You may, however, advertise your products/services throughout our network by starting an advertising account.

What's involved in the application process?

The application consists of various questions that allow us to learn about your business and customer targeting preferences. You will also be able to describe your business to potential customers.

What's the time commitment?

The application process should take you no more than 10 minutes to complete. Once your account is completed, you can take as much or as little time as you wish to modify your account and see which modifications give you the best results (more customers). Everything on Decidio is there to help you be more successful.

Why does my business need Decidio?

Decidio is the single most effective tool your business will use to gain a permanent edge over your less connected competitors. All we do is connect businesses to local customers interested and ready to purchase their services. And yes, an account with Decidio is FREE!

Account Management

Can I re-apply if my account has been previously dissolved?

Yes! Businesses whose accounts have been previously dissolved may re-register with Decidio at any time. Your account will once again be responsible for meeting the one-year minimum activity requirements.

How are the order of search results determined? Can I get higher on the list?

Search results rankings on Decidio are based on a variety of factors, including (but not limited to) proximity to customer, participation in our link exchange program, customer ratings, adding photos to your account, and several other factors. Vendors can also purchase top placement in our listings through our Featured Listings program.

How do I add/delete industry categories to/from my account?

Please follow these steps to modify the industry categories associated with your account:

  1. Click on 'Edit Customer Leads' located on the left menu bar.
  2. Add or remove the type of services associated with your business.
  3. Click on the 'Save Changes' button located on the bottom of the screen to save your changes Changes to your account may take up to 24 hours to be reflected in Decidio's search area.

Changes to your account may take up to 24 hours to be reflected in Decidio's search area.

How do I change my Password?

To change your existing password to something else, simply follow these steps:

  1. Log on to your account using your username and password.
  2. Click on 'Account Information' on the right column
  3. Click on "Change Password" located on your left menu bar.
  4. Enter your old (current) password and your new password (between 6 and 12 characters long).

Thats it! Following these steps should result in a successfully changed password for your account. Good luck!

How long will my account be on Decidio?

Your profile will continue to appear on Decidio until your business closes or you choose to cancel your account. We're confident that we will bring enough value to your business to ensure this does not happen!

Is the information contained in my account permanent?

You may update your account as often as you wish. You may also change your customer targeting preferences to see which ones get you the best results! (Results= customer calls)

Alert Emails

What are New Customer Alert emails?

Decidio's 'New Customer Alert' emails alert vendors whenever a prospective customer in their area has expressed an interest in their product/service and has completed the quote request form. Each time an alert email is sent represents another opportunity for that vendor to make one or more sales for their business.

How often can I expect to receive New Customer alert emails?

Our system will immediately notify you by email whenever a customer in your area has confirmed their request to be contacted by area vendors providing the services needed.

What do I do if I get a New Customer Alert email?

Vendors that receive New Customer Alert emails should log into their account to learn all about the customer(s) that have requested to be contacted by local vendors. The valuable market information provided is free of charge to all vendors registered with Decidio.

Vendors with upgraded accounts can take advantage of the information provided to lock in sales by purchasing any available leads. The cost of each customer lead is provided in the 'Customer Leads' area of your account.

Can vendors turn off or opt-out of receiving new customer alert emails?

Yes. Vendors that do not wish to receive quote requests from customers interested in their services can opt out of receiving these requests by changing their contact preferences, which is located in the Main Dashboard area of their account.

Customer Leads

How does Decidio's Customer Leads work?

Once customers in your area have requested to be contacted for the services you provide, Decidio's Customer Leads alerts you with details of each customer's specific needs. If you are a good match and are interested in following up on a quote request, you are able to purchase the lead and contact the submitting customer to secure the sale.

How do I add Customer Leads to my account?

Each vendor listed on Decidio is automatically able to receive customer leads.

  1. The 'Available Leads' area of a vendor's account provide a list of leads that have recently been submitted in that vendor's area. Avalable leads do not include the customer's contact information.
  2. The 'Purchased Leads' area of a vendor's account provide a list of leads that have recently been purchased by that vendor. Purchased leads include the customer's contact information.

Thats it! Following these steps should result in a successfully changed password for your account. Good luck!

Are vendors required to purchase leads in order to remain listed with Decidio?

No. Purchasing customer leads is optional and is not needed to have an account with Decidio. However, many vendors are interested in this service when they learn that a full year's investment in customer leads is less than the revenue produced by a SINGLE customer! If you are hesitant to add this optional feature to your vendor account when you first sign up, we suggest that you simply wait until you have enough traffic (visitors) to justify the investment.

How much do Customer Leads cost?

Pricing on Customer Leads starts at $1 or $2, depending on the service requested by the customer. Your total investment in Customer Leads depends on how many leads you choose to purchase.

What happens when I get my alert email?

Just sign into your account on Decidio (using your account name and password) and go to the 'Available Leads' area of your account. There you will be able to learn all about your future customer.

How can I control the number of leads that I receive?

Vendors are able to set filters to the types of leads they receive by following the instructions provided in the 'Edit Lead Filters' area of their account. More filters will result in less (but more targeted) leads being sent to that vendor.

Link Exchange

How can I create a link to my website?

Vendors are easily able to create a link from their Decidio profile to their website by logging in and following the instructions provided in the Link Exchange area of their accounts.

I don't like/can't use any of your pre-made links. Can I create my own link to Decidio?

Yes, you are welcome to create your own HTML link to Decidio instead of using one of the pre-made links available in the Link Exchange area of your account.

Multiple Locations and Users

Do I need to type in separate profiles for each of my many locations?

No. You may centralize ALL your locations under one uniform profile. All your locations will have a single, standardized profile that YOU control.

My business has multiple locations. Can I add/remove multiple locations to my account?

Yes. You may do so manually add and remove locations to your account whenever you like. If your business has many locations and you do not wish to add them manually one-by-one, you may also upload your locations electronically. All locations will be under your account's control.

What benefits do I gain by having multiple locations registered to my account?

All vendors listed on Decidio are visible to potential customers within fifty miles of EACH of their business locations. Vendors are also able to receive customer leads for any events taking place within this fifty mile radius for each location.


Are there any minimum commitments or contracts?

There are no commitments or contracts of any kind. You are welcome to cancel at any time.

Are there any refunds?

Yes. Decidio will not charge your account for hang up calls, calls that are connected for less than 10 seconds, or calls originating from the same phone number within the last 90 days. Credit requests for reasons other than the above will be considered on a case by case basis.

Can I shut off the Pay-Per-Call system when I'm not available to take calls?

Yes. You can manually set your availability in the 'Pay Per Call' area of your Decidio account.

Can the system call my cell phone?

Yes. Your business phone number can be either a cell phone or a landline phone. You can set your contact phone number in the 'Contacts and Locations' area of your account. If using a cell phone, please consult your carrier for any airtime fees or other fees that may apply.

Do I need a website to participate?

No. Adding Pay-Per-Call to your Decidio account does not require a website because the system encourages buyers to call your business, rather than visit your website.

Do you guarantee your service?

Yes. If you have issues with the Pay-Per-Call service at any time you are encouraged to contact our support team at and we will be happy to address your concerns as well as issue credit to your account, if necessary.

How do I cancel my service?

Simply enter the 'Pay Per Call' area of your Decidio account to cancel this service, or send a cancel request to This premium service will be available to you in the future if you wish to use it again.

How does Pay-Per-Call differ from pay-per-click based advertising?

Pay-Per-Call differs from pay-per-click based advertising because it uses a phone call as the billable event, rather than a computer click. As a vendor with Pay-Per-Call, you pay only when Decidio generates a call to your business, whereas a click-based advertiser pays for clicks to their website, which may or may not result in a phone lead.

How does Pay-Per-Call work?

Pay-Per-Call works like pay-per-click advertising except that it connects customers to your business by telephone, rather than computer clicks to your website. When a customer contacts you through Decidio, both your phone and your customer's phone will ring and you'll be on the phone together.

How much does it cost to use Pay-Per-Call?

Pay-Per-Call is free for customers to use. For each call that comes into to your business, you pay an agreed upon price per call that you set in advance with Decidio. The cost per call may be increased or decreased at any time by accessing the 'Pay Per Call' area of your account.

How will I be charged?

Your Decidio account will only be charged whenever a customer call is successfully made through Decidio. You are able to add funds to your account by entering the 'Add Credit' area of your account.

How will Pay-Per-Call help grow my business?

Pay-Per-Call will connect your business directly with customers when their interest level is highest. Phone sales are a proven way to close new business. By adding Pay-Per-Call to your Decidio account, interested parties will contact you at the phone number you specify. You will also have the ability to track and measure your sales leads.

If nobody picks up the phone (such as nights and weekends), will I be charged?

No. Your account will not be charged for unanswered calls. If your business number supports call forwarding, then yes - the call will get through and your account will be charged. If the customer leaves their contact information on your answering machine, your account will also be charged.

What happens if all my incoming lines are busy and I cannot answer?

The customer will hear a busy signal, and your Decidio account will not be charged. However, if the customer leaves their contact information on your voicemail, your account will be charged.

What if I don't receive calls frequently?

Your Decidio account will only be charged whenever a customer call is made through Decidio.

What is Pay-Per-Call?

Decidio's Pay-Per-Call system is a premium service that connects motivated local customers with your business over the phone.

Will I know when my phone rings that it's a customer call from Decidio?

Yes. Your caller ID will show the customer's phone number, but when you pick up a short message will alert you the call is from Decidio.

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