Wedding Videos: Top Wedding Videography Tips for Couples

Since a wedding will be the most important day in a couple’s life, it is critical that you capture it on video. This will allow both you and your fiancé to appreciate this precious moment many years down the road. However, finding a professional videographer that is right for you is something that can prove challenging, […]

How to Get Fiancé Involved in Wedding Planning

Studies and experience has shown us that women tend to be a little more involved in the wedding planning process than men. Obviously, there are exceptions to the rule by the general consensus suggests that men don’t show as much enthusiasm as they should regarding the overall planning. Women will purchase books, read bridal magazines, […]

Wedding Invitation Ideas – Top Invitation Styles

Purple wedding invitation

Choosing the right style for you wedding invitation is self-gratifying and as a couple, is something that you should definitely consider for your wedding. But choosing a unique and innovation style for your wedding invitations can be a challenge. With that being said, we’ve dedicated this article to make the process much, much simpler. Let’s […]