8 Effective Tips on How to Hire Children’s Party Entertainment

There is nothing in the world we love more than our children, so we always want to give them the best possible experience whenever their birthday comes along.  However, there are many things that you will need to take into consideration when searching for the right children’s party entertainer. Some of these invaluable tips are shared below while even more valuable information like negotiating for the best prices on children’s entertainers can be found here.

In this informative article you should learn that by following a few effective steps you will be able to find a quality entertainer that will be safe, fun and memorable for both your child as well as your invited guests.

Checking CRB

Probably the single best thing that you can do when hiring a child party entertainer is doing a CRB (Criminal Records Bureau) check if possible. A CRB check is basically a way to determine whether or not a self-employed entertainer has the credentials required to participate at your child’s party. Sometimes such a check is not possible depending on how difficult it is to obtain in your area but as children’s safety is everyone’s top priority we’re putting it at the top of our list. It also goes without saying that there always should be adults present whenever a hired entertainer is around the kids.

Public Liability Insurance

When hiring children’s party entertainment, you should prefer that the individual or company that you are dealing with has some type of liability insurance in case a mishap occurs.  Realize that an accident can happen at any time, especially when a room full of children are involved. While not a requirement in many states, any performer that has this should be considered to be more professional and reputable than one that does not.

Member of Association or Trade Group

Similar to the reasons why you ask for liability insurance, checking if your entertainer belongs to any accredited trade group or association is a good way to separate those that are more reputable than those that would be considered less professional.  Don’t just take their word for it!  Making a quick call or online search to verify their membership takes minutes.  Also it’s important to note that although being a member of an association or group doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll receive a high-quality performance. It does mean that they adhere to certain standards and have a higher level of accountability than those that do not.

Type of Games Offered

All children want to be entertained as much as possible, but they enjoy the experience even more when they feel that they are involved as well! This is why it is important to ask the potential child entertainment company whether or not they offer games for the children to play or if they offer an interactive experience of some sort.  While researching your entertainment options also think about whether the games provided by the service will keep the kids busy for an extended period of time. Anyone with experience in hosting children’s parties will agree that the last thing you want to happen is to have children who are bored or frustrated during a party, as that can lead them to ‘create’ their own methods of entertainment.

Variety of Entertainment

If you are considering booking entertainment for your child’s party, we recommend you focus your search on performers or companies that can provide a variety of entertainment. This has the dual purpose of not only saving money on not having to hire more than one entertainer, but also to ensure that the children don’t get bored by dragging out a single type act for too long.  Make sure that the entertainment is varied enough to hold the attention of the children for the entire length of the party or at least for the contracted amount of time.

Speak to Them

Don’t simply rely on quotes or emails to receive the information that you’re looking for.  If possible, meet them in person to discuss the plans for the event that you require them for. If it’s not possible to visit or meet in person, call them to ask questions important to you and discuss your needs.  Speaking to them directly is important because it will allow you to judge their communication skills as well as gauge their professionalism during the interaction.  The last thing you want is for someone that is not professional or doesn’t project the right personality to be around your and your friends children.

Check their Website and Social Media

Research any child entertainment company that you’re considering by looking at both their website and any social media accounts they might have associated with their business or service. The website will give you a clue as to how professional they are and will usually contain everything that you will want to know about the company including photos, services, and pricing packages. Scrolling through their social media will give you an understanding of how their clients perceive them and how transparent they are.  Sites like Decidio and Yelp may also provide reviews and other information that may be useful in your research.

Although there are quality entertainers in every area that do not have much of an online presence, you would want to more seriously consider the ones that do as they are more of a sure thing. From the pictures posted online, you’ll be able to tell whether the children are having fun as well as whether the presenter handled him or herself in a professional manner.

Cost and Deposits

Once you’ve done your research and have made a short list of candidates, it’s time to consider relative costs for each.  While you shouldn’t focus entirely on the price, it should be a consideration that affects your overall decision. Keep in mind that the best child entertainers in any given area will cost a bit more than regular ones, mainly because they have established a reputation of bringing higher quality equipment and have more experience doing what they do. If there is one that you would love to hire but is just out of your budget, try one or more of the tried and true tips found on this page to negotiate a discount.

On a final note, make sure that you pay a deposit to lock in your date and ask for a confirmation regarding your booking before that day arrives. Also be sure to have a signed contract to protect yourself against any mishaps that may occur, such as what will happen in the case of a no-show and under what cases will you receive your deposit back. Taking care of these contingencies when you hire someone will save you time and money later on down the road.

If you know of  any steps you would recommend to be included in this article or have any experiences you would like to share when hiring your own children’s entertainer, please post them below!