4 Tips on Hiring the Best Limo Service for Your Wedding

If you are going to hire a limo service for your wedding, prom, or night on the town, you probably don’t want a dirty car and bad customer service. The ability to recognize a reputable and high-quality limo service is something that can easily be developed because let’s face it: not all of us are renting limos on a regular basis. But don’t worry because we will answer all of your questions and provide you with all of the tips for hiring the best limo service for your wedding.

Will They Be There on Time?

Probably the biggest consideration you should take when thinking about hiring a limo service is whether or not they are going to make it on time. To put simply, being late is not an option if you are paying for their services. If the customer service representative for the limo service can’t provide you with a guarantee then you should consider choosing another service. Basically, being “on time” means that the chauffer should be the person waiting for you- not vice versa.

How is Their Customer Service?

As most people who have ridden in a limo would agree, a good driver can make or break the experience. Upon searching for a potential candidate, ask the limo company about their hiring process and where they train their drivers. You’ll want to choose a service who provides background checks and who puts their drivers through copious amounts of training in both driving and customer service.

The last thing you want on your wedding day is being in the vehicle with someone who has a bad history in traffic accidents. On the same note, having a driver who has sufficient knowledge of your particular city will be useful. They will know where all of the alternate routes are at and how to get to your destination in the quickest (and safest) amount of time possible.

Also make sure that the limo service is representing you professional by ensuring that their drivers are well dressed and up to par in their appearance. In general, most drives will wear a crisp, black suit and will always handle themselves professionally.

What are their Pricing Options?

Be upfront and cover all of the expenses that are going to be associated with the total cost of the limo service. Ask them if the price on the contract is going to change and ask them about any hidden fees that you should know about. The companies that don’t tell you about these hidden costs should be the ones that you want to avoid.

Some limo services like to give low quotes up front and then charge you a higher price towards the end. You should never get stuck paying two times as much as you signed up for. Know exactly where your money is going and get everything in writing. Verbal agreements are typically never sufficient enough to proceed forward with the arrangement.

Are Their Cars New and Clean?

Always take a look at the vehicle that is going to be picking you up for your wedding. Does it look up to par? Is it fresh, well-kept, and tidy? What does the exterior of the vehicle look like? Don’t be afraid to ask a limo service to look at their vehicles beforehand. If possible, ask which limo is going to be the one picking you up specifically.

Be sure that the exact limo you want is specified in the contract

Note that the contract that you signed with the limo service may or may not include the type of limo that will be picking you up. They may exclude the make, model, and year of the limo (or a combination of all three).

Again, as we stated in the previous section, know where your money is going. Check with the limo service to ensure that they are doing frequent cleanings on their limos and that their vehicles are relatively new.


Above all, ask around and determine whether or not the limo service you are considering has helped other people in the past. Typically there will be a variety of other online resources (besides Decidio) where you can check for their reviews, such as Yelp or Angies List.  You can also check the Better Business Bureau and National or Local Limo Associations to receive a better idea of who you’re dealing with. Make sure that you choose a limo service that offers high value for your dollar and that will act professional throughout the course of your experience with them.

If you are a limousine service professional (or even a customer that has experience renting limousines) and think that we should add to this list, leave a comment and let everyone know!