4 Tips on Choosing the Best Wedding Tuxedo

Need a tuxedo for an upcoming wedding or other formal event?  Keep these simple tips in mind to look your absolute best!

Choosing a proper fitting tuxedo for wedding is probably the number one thing you should consider before spending money on one. To determine whether or not one fits, try it on with both the correct pair of shoes and shirt. Place your arms out by your sides and keep your fingers extended.

The hem of your jacket should not be longer than your middle finger. The sleeve should barely touch the top of your hand while the shirt cuff should be peeking out from the jacket sleeve by no more than half an inch. Your tuxedo’s trousers should touch the heel of your shoe in the back and barely hang over the top of the shoes in the front.

What’s Your Style?

Whether you are going for a trendy or traditional look, you need to comprehend the different types of style elements that you have to choose from. Let’s take a look at a few of the popular tuxedo styles that men typically choose for weddings:

  • Cutaway Coat: This is a traditional design and probably considered the most formal on the list. These coats are typically black or gray and have a single button located at the waist. There is a single broad tail in the back of the coat and it looks best when worn with a winged-collared dress shirt and stripped trousers.
  • Dinner Jacket: This comes in ivory or classic white that works well for weddings that are schedules for warm climates or summer months. It can also be an ideal substitute for regular tuxedos. A lot of men use dinner jackets for rehearsal dinners as well as casual weddings and it is an excellent choice if the ushers at the wedding are going to be wearing black tuxedo jackets (since these are white).
  • Stroller Coat: This is a different version of the cutaway coat and the difference usually sits in the hip length. It can look relatively fancy when worn with a nice waistcoat and there are several designers who have provided great appeal for these particular designs.

Traditional Tuxedos

More times than not, traditional tuxedos are worn when a wedding or wedding reception are going to be taking place after 6 o’clock in the afternoon. However, this doesn’t mean that you cannot wear it as formal attire during the day. Gray or black jackets with a single button are usually the most classic. Wearing a traditional tuxedo with a bow tie, suspenders, and trousers can look very trendy and exude elegance.

Checking the Lapel

One thing that you should really consider before spending money on a wedding tuxedo is choosing the right lapel for the occasion. Here are a few of the more prominent choices that you will have:

  • Notch Lapel: This type of jacket houses a V-shaped which cuts pointing inward. This is the area where the lapel and collar meet and since it accentuates “side-to-side” shapes, it would not be an ideal choice if you were on the heavier side.
  • Peaked Lapel: This type of lapel includes a partnership of two points of fabric that are located on a single side of the jacket, usually between the collar and lapel. The spacing is relatively narrow with these.
  • Shawl Collar: This is a rounded jacket lapel that can look very elegant with a contrasting piping or satin stripe. It would be an ideal choice for people who are either buff or a bit taller than average.

Renting vs. Buying a Tuxedo

Purchasing a wedding tuxedo is always considered a better investment than renting one. The thing about renting a tuxedo is that they often look and feel like just that: a rented tuxedo. It is difficult to receive the quality and perfection associated with purchasing a tuxedo than if you were to rent one.

The only downside is that purchasing a tuxedo will typically cost about twice as much as renting one. Because of this, make sure that it fits within your budget and also be sure that it is something that you would see yourself using more than once. Also, if you do decide to rent, pick up your tuxedo about two or three days in advance. This will provide you with enough time to look it over and check for cigarette burns, stains, or any other problems with the tuxedo.

Are there any other important issues that men should know when selecting or renting a tuxedo?  Feel free to share your knowledge by leaving a comment below!