4 Fundamental Tips When Choosing Your Wedding Colors

Wedding Colors

Your wedding colors help provide you a personal and unique look for your big day. However, for many couples figuring out what their colors should be or even picking out a suitable color palate that both parties can agree on can result in unexpected disagreements.  Knowing how important this planning step is can make it feel overwhelming, but with the right approach it will be much easier than you may think to arrive on a color scheme that is both modern and matches your visual style!

One of the principal keys to making a stylish color combination is by understanding the relationship that each color has with each other. You do not need any specialized degree to do this, simply begin by choosing your favorite shade and work from there. Follow the practical tips below to get your color scheme down so you can begin on the decoration phase of your wedding planning!

Tip 1: Check Your Wedding Venue

The combination of your wedding palate and where you get married are perhaps THE two most important things that will determine the visual impact of your wedding day.  Before you arrive at your final decision for wedding colors, it can be a good idea many times to pick your venue first so you can match everything up nicely. Check for architectural and decorative details of your venue such as wall colors, spacing, lighting and visualize how your desired primary and secondary color schemes will work in that environment.

Also consider the TYPE of facility that will host your reception, as obviously very different color schemes will have varying degrees of success in locations such as an elegant banquet hall, and outdoors/garden location, a rustic location (such as a barn) etc.  Obviously any location that already incorporates a lot of color (in the walls, floors, etc) may require you having to reconsider your scheme to prevent a serious visual clash.

Think of the amount of space you will have. The available size of your wedding space can greatly affect the colors you choose. For example: Creamy colors and light blues are best at making small rooms look and feel larger. This may be important if you are short on space but want to give the illusion of having a larger area.

Tip 2: Incorporate the Season

Just as was discussed in this awesome article on how to pick your wedding flowers according to the season, many savvy brides let Mother Nature point them in the right direction. If you haven’t made any decisions yet, the colors each season is famous for may be the way to go for your wedding color scheme. At the very least it will help you narrow down your choices.  Here are some simple guidelines:

  • If you are getting married in the Spring you can go with soft pastels.  In fact any colors that reflect rebirth will work.
  • If your wedding is in the Winter you can go with ice blue and silver or red and forest green for the holidays.
  • Summertime colors that reflect outdoors fun include yellows, marine colors, greenery, and jewel tones.
  • For Autumn weddings, the turning of the season can present some stunning non traditional colors such as purples, yellows, reds, oranges, softer greys and even certain browns!

Tip 3: Match Your Colors

Do some color research regardless if you have one dominant color matched with others, several complementary colors, two colors, four colors, warm and cold pairings, bold and subdued pairings, or any other method. One great way to do this is by looking at a color wheel and start mixing and matching until you come up with exactly the right color scheme. The key is to pick colors that complement each other well and that won’t clash.

An old school method that many brides still use is going to their local home improvement store and gathering up a bunch of paint samples. This is a good idea as actually seeing your planned color scheme side by side can help you refine or in some cases scrap your planned wedding colors before you get too far into the planning process. For instance, if you want there to be blue in your wedding you can examine a large amount of blue shades to pick the one that you like the most and use that same sample to help you find items to help you decorate.

Pair your colors wisely. While it may be tempting to use different hues of the same colors, try sticking with the same color intensity of your original choice or else things may look a bit like a rainbow. For example, do not use the colors soft purple and bright blue. Something like baby blue and lilac would be a better match.

You can begin the process of finding some great complementary color combinations by using this tool from BridalGuide.  Careful, we’ve found that clicking each color and seeing which others work best can be fun and addictive!

Tip 4: Remember Your Lighting

Many couples don’t remember until it’s too late that the type of lighting can affect how your chosen colors will ultimately appear. For example, natural sunlight will make colors appear differently than internal lights or outdoor lighting.  For outdoor venues, colors that look great during daytime may look muted at dusk.

Also consider the type of lighting if you are going to use colored lights at your wedding reception. For example, if your main color is yellow, then having soft or amber lighting may not be such a good idea. Be sure you have all the details such as lighting down to avoid surprises the day of the big event!  If you have the budget, a hired professional will know how to take your chosen colors and add the right colored lights to make things look beautiful.

Although the thought of choosing the right complementary color scheme for your wedding might be daunting at first, the results can be nothing short of amazing.  Consider the tips listed above and take your time in forming a color palate the reflects your taste.  Make things fun by letting your partner in on the choices and do a combination of you and your partner’s favorite colors so you can both be represented in this way! For additional reading on fresh wedding colors, you can read this article from A Practical Wedding.  Good luck, and congratulations on your upcoming wedding!