3 Tips for Great Wedding Favors

When two people decide to take the marriage plunge in front of all their friends, family members, and loved ones, it is customary to provide wedding favors for all who came to join them on their special day. Wedding favors are a mixture of a thank you for coming to be with us on our day gifts, and an item for remembrance. I still have the matches from my oldest sister’s wedding from twenty years ago! The thing that many couples are unsure of when it comes to favors is what to choose. After all, the come in all sizes and shapes. There are small and inexpensive tokens as well as larger, more expensive items. Having said that, cost vs. the amount of favors you will need may also play a vital role in your decision. Keeping this in mind, keep reading for some fantastic tips for the perfect wedding favors for your big day!

Tip 1: Your Wedding Theme

Beautiful beach candle favors

Create favors that match your wedding theme, such as seashells for beach weddings.

If your wedding has a theme, and most usually do, look for wedding favors that go with it. A theme can be as elaborate as a beach wedding or as simple as saying I Do in a community building. If you are going with a beach wedding, the favors should match that theme. Maybe you can give seashells as favors since you can purchase some real beauties in local gift shops. A really unique idea is to purchase small decorative bottles and fill them with sand from the place you are getting married. You can get personalized sticker wraps to go around the bottle with the bride and groom’s name on them along with the wedding date. For a wedding with a basic theme such as specific colors, you can a give a favor that incorporates your colors. If your colors are red and black, you can give candles in those colors or wrap red and black jelly beans in white tulle and red and black ribbon.

Tip 2: Wedding Favors on a Budget

If you are on a tight budget then your favors will have to match your money. However, using less money does not have to mean that you cannot have unique wedding favors! The most popular inexpensive wedding favor is bubbles. They can be gotten at very reasonable prices from online vendors and the bottles come in a wide array of colors. (This can help you to stick to your color theme better!) I have been to several weddings where the favors were water bottles. This may sound odd, but it truly is unique! The bottles were wrapped in sticker paper with the couples name and wedding date on them. Personalized wedding favors are always special and everyone has to wet their whistle so water is perfect!

Tip 3: “Picture This”

Another excellent wedding favor idea is a special picture of the happy couple. This can be a bit more costly, but typically it is affordable since it can be a do it yourself gift. First choose a photo of you and your spouse to be (or have one taken especially for the occasion). Next choose some photo frames. The most beautiful personalized photo favor was put in a glass coaster. You simply add your picture to the frame and that is it! If you want to add a more sentimental touch to your gift, have your photo printed out with a poem under it. If you have a set RSVP list, you can add each guests name to the poem for a more personal touch. Remember, pictures are worth a thousand words so make yours count on this special day. Keep in mind that while wedding favors are an important part of the overall planning, they are not the most important thing- you are! So, do not stress over the favors; just let them come from your heart and your guests will love them and remember your wedding day forever! Do you remember any great favors from past weddings you have attended?  If so, we would love to hear about it!