4 Essential Posed Wedding Picture Moments for Great Memories

Top Wedding Photography Poses

Your big day has been planned down to the last detail, you look stunning in your wedding gown, your hair is perfectly arranged and your makeup has been painstakingly applied so that you look like you stepped right out of the cover of Brides magazine. It’s everything you’ve ever dreamed it would be and you’re ready to immortalize the day with beautiful candid and posed pictures taken by your favorite wedding photographer.

Unlike candid/natural photos where there is no interaction between the photographer and subject (think of the happy couple leaving the church or their first dance), posed photographs capture moments in time with perfect lighting and beautiful settings that will result in pictures that you will love forever. The best wedding photographers will make posed pictures FEEL natural and LOOK unstaged.  For example: the first picture below would be a good representation of a candid moment captured by an alert photographer, while the second picture is a great example of a posed picture focusing on the adorable flower girls reacting to the happy couple sharing a kiss.

Although you should already be familiar with his/her work, it’s ok for you and your fiancé to have a few ideas on which arranged poses you like.  Of course there will also be plenty of candid moments that will be captured by your photography and videography team, but this article will focus on the most popular wedding poses favored both by couples and wedding photography professionals.  So let’s begin!

Picture Pose #1: Family Poses Before the Ceremony

The bride and the groom will typically spend the entire day of the wedding preparing for the event. As a result, they typically don’t get to see each other until the ceremony. Traditionally, parents have been known to speak with the bride and groom a few minutes before the ceremony actually begins. This would be an idea pose for the wedding photographer. For example, a picture can be taken as the bride is hugging her mother or as the groom his shaking his father’s hand.  Some great examples of these intimate family moments would be:

Picture Pose #2: Bride Being Dressed By Bridesmaids

Most women have dreamt of their big day ever since they were little girls, getting together with friends and dressing themselves in fancy clothes. On your wedding day you’ll be able to live out that fantasy, with photos capturing the bridesmaids dressing the beautiful bride.

A great photograph taken during this unique moment would capture all of the laughter and smiles that they are sharing with one another. Another traditional photo that can be taken at this time is the lacing or buttoning of the bride’s dress. These can easily take five or six minutes to fasten, the perfect amount of time to snap a photo.  Finally, try to have a picture capture of one of the bridesmaids providing the bride with a good luck charm before she departs for the ceremony. Some great posed photos of brides and grooms posing with their wedding attendants would include the following:

Picture Pose #3: Giving Her Away

For thousands of generations, marriage has symbolically been about the “giving away” of a daughter from her parents to her new husband. Essentially, they are “handing over” all of the responsibility associated with taking care of her. In most modern weddings it will be the father of the bride who will hand her over to the groom, although in some cases it will be both parents who give her away.

This is one of the most important moments of any wedding, and one that every good photographer will be ready to capture. From the father walking his daughter down the aisle to the actual moment the bride is given away, these unique moments will be forever frozen in time.  Some great examples of this would include:

Picture Pose #4: Symbol of Faith

Couples are typically married in a fashion that is in accordance with their particular religion. Churches are predominantly the most popular setting where couples come to do this. For couples who are quite particular about the religious aspect of their wedding, it is essential to capture some of these “faith-based” moments on camera.  Some poses that you would want to catch for different types of religions would include:

  • Christian Based Weddings (Receiving blessings and kneeling to pray)
  • Jewish Based Weddings (Drinking wine for the wine glass as well as breaking the wine glass to conclude the ceremony)
  • Muslim Based Weddings (Taking their blessings as well as signing the contract for their wedding)
  • Hindu Based Weddings (Placing their offerings into the fire as well as the exchange of seven vows)

These are all excellent moments for which to capture in photographs. Some fantastic images of religious elements in a wedding ceremony can be found below:


Although your photographer will know many different moments throughout your wedding day that you will want captured, the four listed above are considered by many to be among the most requested. Take the above poses into consideration if you’re stumped about which moments you would like on camera during your wedding, and for more great ideas on posing for your wedding, see the videos below!  After you’re done, busy couples can click here to learn the 3 steps on how to find the best wedding photographer in your area.