How to Plan the Perfect Budget Honeymoon for your Wedding

Every couple wants to experience a memorable honeymoon that they can appreciate forever. They want to have the intimate meals, unique accommodations, and lavish adventures. BUT most couples also want to do this on a budget. Below, we are going to show you ways that you can plan the perfect budget honeymoon for your wedding. Use […]

Wedding Guest Lists: Common Issues On who NOT to Invite

The guest list for a wedding carries with it more problems than people might think. The reason why is because so many people want to have their say on who comes- parents, friends, and other family members. This can amount of unneeded headaches and add more tension to an already stressful situation. Lucky, there are […]

Wedding Ceremony Rituals Explained

Sand Ceremony Wedding Ritual

While weddings are precious events that celebrate two people being brought together by love, the truth is that most people have no idea how weddings operate. Despite what many believe, there is a structure to the ceremony as well as the various services and events that are incorporated into the wedding. And while it can […]