Top 6 Wedding Planning Issues That Engaged Couples Fight Over

A lot of people imagine that the life of engaged couples planning their wedding is all wine and roses, but not many people really understand how difficult it can be until they actually reach that point in their own relationships.  If you want to start your lives together on a positive note, there are wedding planning issues that both you […]

Wedding Finance: Who Is Expected to Pay for What

Contrary to popular belief, you’ll probably spend more on your wedding day than you would on a semester at a major university. Most couples simply don’t understand just how expensive a wedding can be until they are planning one, and some brides like the one in the video below take extreme measures to get the […]

5 Tips on Finding the Best Wedding Photographer

Most people can agree that good photography is the key to a proper wedding. The right picture can instantly bring you back to one of the happiest moments of your life. But capturing these pictures requires the assistance of someone who is both experienced and professional. Hence, this is why we are going to provide […]