How Much to Donate to Wedding Ceremony Site

In some cases, a couple may have access to a wedding ceremony site where they won’t be charged to use the property (such as a public space, park, beach, private residence/grounds, etc), although some kind of donation is generally required. However, some couples aren’t entirely sure about the etiquette associated with this topic. More specifically, although couples can […]

Complete Wedding Planning Timeline and Checklist

Weddings are relatively common in our society yet not many of us understand what actually occurs within what timeframe all the way up to that special day. As a bride, you’ll want to keep organized and know what needs to get done a year, month, and even a week from the day of your wedding. So, […]

4 Tips for Writing Your Own Wedding Vows

Writing your own wedding vows is no easy task.  Just ask any married couple about the subject to get a better understanding of the unique challenges involved.  It can be hard to write down your deepest thoughts and emotions, but doing so can be an eye-opening experience and one that you definitely want to share […]