Destination Wedding Planning: Issues You Need to Know

A “destination wedding” is essentially one that doesn’t take place in a traditional venue (like a church for example). Destination weddings typically take place somewhere more exotic like a beach or even Walt Disney World. And although they aren’t quite as common as traditional weddings, there are planning issues that both you and your fiancé should be aware of.

Harness Your Freedom

As unique and as exciting as destination weddings may be, keep in mind that you may want to harness your freedom to correlate with your budget. Basically, don’t spend more than you have- even if your wedding is on an exotic beach. But with that being said, make sure that you utilize your freedom to its full capability as well. For example, have you ever wanted to ride away in a horse-drawn carriage? Have you ever wanted to get married underwater? These are all things that you would be able to do with a destination wedding.

Regardless of where you plan to have your wedding, be sure you know how to pack!  Anna Saccone goes over what essentials brides should remember to bring when departing to your destination wedding/honeymoon.

Think Beyond the Water

Just because you want to have a destination wedding, doesn’t necessarily mean that you need to have it at a beach. While this is standard for most people who want something different, it doesn’t mean that you need to take the same route. There are hundreds of resorts and mountainside lodges that you may be interested. Maybe you want to get married while the both of you are riding on horses. Either way, try to think beyond the beach setting and come up with a unique theme for your destination wedding.

Don’t Allow Family to Become a Factor

More times than not, your family are going to try to intervene with your idea by wanting you to have a traditional wedding instead. This is especially true in today’s age where marriages are straying more and more away from traditional themes. However, do keep in mind that if your parents are going to help you and your fiancé pay for the wedding, they should have some say as to where it is going to be and how it is going to play out. If they want a traditional route and you don’t, you may need to pay for the wedding yourself. This is just something to consider before choosing this option.

Stop Being a Control Freak

Most couples who are getting married will try to control every aspect of their wedding. Try to control all of these minute details can make the process stressful and really take away from the joy that you should be experiencing during a special time in your life.  As such, it is especially recommended for couples getting married far away to hire a wedding planner familiar with the location/area you will be married.  If you are getting married at a resort, they should have a wedding planner on location that will be able to handle the wedding arrangements and coordinate with local vendors.

Want some ideas of what to look for in an all inclusive Caribbean resort wedding?  Tami Santini  identifies and discusses the strengths of some of the most popular destinations below:

Budget Your Money

This is THE huge concern when you are planning a destination wedding. Keep in mind that you will end up paying a lot more for certain exotic weddings if you don’t know how to budget your wedding correctly. It is possible to have a reasonably priced exotic destination wedding but it is going to require a huge amount of dedication and research on your part.

In some cases, you can end up paying much less than a traditional wedding since the rules are thrown out of the window in regards to planning. What a lot of couples like to do when planning a destination wedding is to have it in the same place as their honeymoon. This will automatically save the newly married couple thousands of dollars on lodging and traveling expenses.

We hope that we have given you something to think about if you and your fiancé are planning on throwing an unforgettable destination wedding.  If you have planned your own (or attended someone else’s) destination wedding, is there anything you would add for brides to be aware of?  If so, let everyone know!