Destination Wedding Planning: Issues You Need to Know

A “destination wedding” is essentially one that doesn’t take place in a traditional venue (like a church for example). Destination weddings typically take place somewhere more exotic like a beach or even Walt Disney World. And although they aren’t quite as common as traditional weddings, there are planning issues that both you and your fiancé […]

How to Plan the Perfect Budget Honeymoon for your Wedding

Every couple wants to experience a memorable honeymoon that they can appreciate forever. They want to have the intimate meals, unique accommodations, and lavish adventures. BUT most couples also want to do this on a budget. Below, we are going to show you ways that you can plan the perfect budget honeymoon for your wedding. Use […]

Wedding Guest Lists: Common Issues On who NOT to Invite

The guest list for a wedding carries with it more problems than people might think. The reason why is because so many people want to have their say on who comes- parents, friends, and other family members. This can amount of unneeded headaches and add more tension to an already stressful situation. Lucky, there are […]