6 Essential Tips for Choosing the Best Flowers for Your Wedding

Choosing flowers for your wedding can be very exciting but also note that it can be a challenge. Before you make any decisions, there are a few factors that you will want to consider. Below, we’ll show you 6 great tips that you can refer to when choosing the best flowers for your wedding.

Tip #1: Finding the Right Florist

Before you venture out to meet one-on-one with potential florists or get quotes from the top wedding florists in your area, try to determine what exactly it is that you’re searching for.  We’re not only talking about type of flowers to use or arrangements needed, but also what kind of work you need done.  Are you looking for bulk flowers for DIY arrangements, or a professional decorator who is going to be responsible in the decoration process, or do you simply want someone from whom you can seek advice from? Either way, get clear about your intentions. When meeting with potential wedding florists, ask them about any portfolios that they may have available. This will give you a much clearer idea about their creativity and quality of their work

Tip #2: Create a Wedding Flower Budget

Research Tip: We’ve compiled data from many thousands of local weddings to also give you an idea of what other couples in your area have actually spent on wedding flowers in the past year.

As with all aspects of the wedding planning process, you’ll want to create a budget for your flowers.  In general, most couples use up about 6% to 8% if their total budget when purchasing flowers. This doesn’t necessarily mean that you need to go with this number. It’s simply a guideline that should give you a rough estimate of how much you should spend.  As with all items and services related to your wedding, never spend more than you have budgeted if at all possible.  Remember, you can substitute creativity for money by buying your flowers in bulk and creating your own beautiful arrangements, like the one shown below:

Tip #3: Have a Vision

Do you have a general idea of your taste and desires regarding wedding flowers? Are you someone who prefers a minimal look or an outlandish one?  If you don’t know the answers to these questions or are open to suggestions, you can do a quick search on popular sites like Pinterest,  BHG, TheKnot, Youtube, and more.  If you have magazines then tear out your favorite flower shots so that you can use them as references later.

Try to picture the color, layout, and designs of your flowers. Do they match the theme and structure of your wedding? Having a vision will make it much easier to choose wedding flowers when the time comes. Plus, brainstorming can be fun and a great stress reliever.

Tip #4: Consider Site Specifics

This is a huge piece of advice that you will want to remember. Basically, picture both your wedding ceremony and reception site like a huge canvas. The florist is the artist and will be in charge in filling in that canvas in a manner that looks the best. However, they can’t do their job if they don’t understand the specifics of your reception or ceremony.

Pro Tip: Make sure that you take the current layout (room heights, floor colors, dimensions, windows, etc) of your venues before having any flowers installed or purchased.

Include pictures and/or brochures if possible…anything that will help the designer come up with for your décor. You don’t want to invest a large sum of money on flowers that you don’t really want or that don’t work well with the current theme.  See the videos for some great examples of what might (and might not) work at your own ceremony and reception locations:

Tip#5: Create a Unifying Concept

Try to think about what everyone is going to be wearing at your wedding. You shouldn’t even approach a florist until you have a clear idea about the wardrobes for the groomsmen, bridesmaids, and moms. There really isn’t any point to choose wedding flowers until you have this step completed. Most weddings typically have flowers with color palettes that resemble the attire of the people in it. This doesn’t necessarily mean that you need to take this approach but it would look a lot nicer and more professional.

Putting it all together expertly. Photo Dalsimer.com

Putting it all together expertly. Photo Dalsimer.com

Tip #6: Consider the Bride’s Dress

Pro Tip: Bring both a fabric swatch of your bridesmaids dress as well as photos of your wedding dress to your florist on your first meet.  These items will be critical for them to suggest coordinating flowers, bouquet sizes, colors, and more.

By this point, the bride should already have her wedding dress picked out. This should also dictate what kind of flowers you are going to include into the wedding. There are many different color combinations out there- like cream, white, contemporary, or classic for example. And each one is going to call for different flower combinations. After you’ve taken the bride’s wedding dress into consideration, then you can speak with the florist about your arrangements.


If you follow the tips presented in this article, you should find it easier to speak with your florist about finding the right wedding flowers that can really help your special day shine!

Are you a professional florist, designer, or bride that would like to comment or suggest your own tips to add to the list above?  If so, show off your design experience by posting your comments below!